• Police actions could be justified

    Police thought he was a dangerous criminal and they thought it was a right thing to do to subdue George Floyd until other services arrive. The person was fit and physically strong. That meant that police officers had to make sure he didn't try to escape and put extra effort into subduing him.

  • No, As he was not murdered.

    Blood concentrations of approximately 7 ng/ml or greater have been associated with fatalities, Wherein poly-substance use was involved. George Floyd had fit said criteria, With 11ng/ml of fentanyl. The autoposy showed no signs of hypoxia, Nor any bruising to the neck area, Or infact any other signs of fatal oxygen intake depracation.

  • By definition, No.

    Aside from the fact that this police killing was a horrific and unjustifiable act, The structure of this question is incorrect in a way that necessitates an answer of "no. " The killing of a human is a homicide. There are justifiable homicides and unjustifiable homicides. One subset of homicide is murder, Which is defined as any homicide which is both unlawful and premeditated. Therefore, All murders are necessarily illegal and the idea of murdering someone legally is self-contradictory.

  • If you say yes, Please delete your account

    Cmon. We have video evidence. You don't want to get into this argument. You will lose. There is nothing you could possibly say to justify his killing. It was 4 cops against 1 guy. . . ALREADY IN HANDCUFFS. Seriously, Why is this a debate. . . There is nothing to debate here. I will save you the brain power by saying that you can stop reading past this point, Because this is sensless.

  • He wasn't murdered at all.

    By any standard, It will have to be shown that he intended to kill him to be considered murder. I have not seen evidence to support this. I believe the legal system will have trouble putting him in prison for 2nd degree murder without that. But that's what is to be expected when people blow things they've seen on a cell phone video out of proportion. Now they have to watch the cop walk and more whining will ensue. Its a vicious cycle.

  • I believe that George Floyd was killed illegally but should’ve been charged for counterfeiting currency.

    I believe that George Floyd was killed illegally because of the fact that he repeatedly had stated he couldn’t breathe while the officer Derek chauvin kept putting his knee on his neck.
    However, The officers did tell him to be seated in the police car multiple times but he refused, Also he did commit a crime by handing fake bills for cigarettes which is an offense for up to 20 years and a fine.

  • Legal murder. . . . . . Don't be ridiculous.

    Let's suppose that Floyd had actually committed crimes. Crimes deserve punishment but according to their severity. Also, If you can't subdue a middle aged man without killing him, You do not deserve to be on the force. Not only you are lacking in skill and technique who knows, How many people you might kill over the years for illegal graffiti or stealing cars?

  • Let me do that move on your mom or dad

    They police lied about about George being a dangerous criminal. Video evidence contradict their own statements of him being violent and uncooperative.
    The police heavily edited their video cameras even more than teenage girls.
    Ultimately you do not need to prevent oxygen from an already unconscious person. The man was knocked unconscious and unarmed and they continued to cut off his flow of air for another 2 and 1/2 minutes.

    I don't know what world you come from but that is murder. Multiple policeman can't subdue a middle age man without killing him? That is why most white people should not be policeman. Leave the logical choices and calm mind to other people.

    And now they want to smear the dead persons name. They are trying to find any drug in his system any criminal record and to justify their cowardice.

    Edgelord I pray that you do not become a cop because you cannot tell right from wrong.

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