• Thus Unto Tyrants

    Any leader that is not elected by popular vote and with the approval of a freely elected government council is nothing more than a tyrant. Any leader that uses religion as a tool in governance is in violation of the basic principle of separation of church and state. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  • He started the whole French-Indian War

    This is why I say Lutheranism has a poor track record of supporting some of the most despicable things -- like imperialism, slavery, and segregation. Under this Lutheran king of Britain, we saw Britain's entrance into the imperial age. Conquest, rape, theft. He even had a war in his name -- King George's War. What a controlling and arrogant king.

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Adam2 says2014-06-28T17:49:46.710
Yes Britain was supposed to be a constitutional monarchy by that time, and I'll admit, with his bads, George I, even the monarch before him, did better.
But George II was a vicious tyrant.
Adam2 says2014-06-28T17:50:23.137
He founded Georgia, and of course the atrocities against the Native American started right then and there.
Adam2 says2014-06-28T17:50:38.037
The atrocities against the Native American in Georgia that is.