• A Profit Sharing Thank You

    Every organization in MLB should thank him for the Profit Sharing $ they receive each year. Possibly his best idea, the YES Network started a landslide of other organizations pursuing similar revenue streams.

    If there's any one organization/owner that is NOW ruining the game, it's the ANGELS! No other team has signed players to more ridiculous contracts over the last decade. Case in point besides the obvious Pujols signing (so happy it's biting them in the butt), Vernon Wells, who should probably retire in a year or two, is going to make $24.6 million in 2014. WOW!!! Lucky for the Yankees, the Angels are paying most of it.

  • Yes, he raised the level of play.

    While Steinbrenner is often characterized as a devil that buys players out, he did improve the salaries and therefore the overall level of play in baseball. He harbored in the era of big bonus signings and superstar lineups that makes the game exciting to watch and dynamic as the teams are constantly changing.

  • George Steinbrenner Is Good For Baseball

    I believe that George Steinbrenner and the Yankees organization is good for baseball. They are always competitive and every sport needs a team that people hate. Steinbrenner consistently gets good players on his team and the Yankees are contenders every year. In my opinion that is good for baseball because it helps the sport stay interesting.

  • Indubitably.

    Steinbrenner was very good for the MLB. He brought a powerhouse team to the fray year after year, never ceasing to be competitive. That's exactly what every club would die and wishes for. His personality could be grating, and his decisions could be somewhat esoteric, but on the whole George Steinbrenner brought nothing but good to the MLB.

  • He is a bully that just throws around money.

    While George Steinbrenner raised the level of competitiveness in baseball, he did so without any class. The idea that the Yankees can simply buy the best players and always be competitive ruins the concept of developing players and organization loyalty within major league baseball. It is now acceptable for players to leave an organization for a few million dollars more instead of sticking with their organization and fans. The result is a weakening of the baseball culture.

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