• Courage, Pride

    He didn't just sit back in his recliner when OUR NATION was attacked by terrorists *cough *cough *Obama *cough. He showed the entire world what happens when you mess with America. Under his leadership, Iraq was liberated in 21 DAYS! Although we occupied it for many years to come, Hussein was out of office in a heartbeat. I couldn't say the same thing about Obama, who is probably the weakest president I've ever seen. I do not support him, because all he is is talk.
    Bush did what he said he was going to do. He followed through. He is the only president to ever put money in my mailbox. To this day, our business did the best under his rule, and has been on the decline for the past five years. He is, and always will be a good president.

  • Aside from what the Liberal media told you...

    The media is ran by Democrats... Even Liberals I've met accept that as truth... Of course they made him look bad. If you remember, however; George Bush did NOT make the economy crash... The Banks did. Bush had little time to fix a very sudden economic crisis. Also, this idea, about the Middle East and oil, while popular, isn't very well backed. Bush never owned an Oil company. He held stock in one, which he sold in the early 1980's. He dad did own one, but it was in Texas, not the Middle East. George Bush was made to look bad by a media that is against Conversational, but if you look back, he didn't do that bad. The deficit increased at a higher pace under Obama than it did under Bush.

  • Bush Administration was "Above Average" Presidency

    While many Liberals portray Bush as a terrible President, they cannot give you a single reason why. Economically, in his first 6-7 years in office, he would be credited with utter success. Unlike President Obama, whos 2009 Stimulus Package proved to be a complete failure, the Bush Tax Cuts were widely credited and benefited the American People (Which is why to this day the Bush Tax Cuts are extended). Under the Bush Tax Cuts, the United States saw a record of 55 CONSECUTIVE months of Job GROWTH. That is the longest amount of time the United States has EVER seen job growth, and yet Bush is the "worst President in History." Looking back to the entire War on Terror, considering the fact that the war was over 10 years ago, it is easy to sit back and simply blame Bush and Cheney for being the only ones wanting to go into war. What Liberals won't tell you is that Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry (All Democrats that ran for Presidency) ALL believed that Iraq had WMD's. At the time, there were Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who all believed it. The Intelligence Agency and the FBI all backed the claims. And Saddam himself, who was a murderer, constantly provoked the United States and personally did not believe that we would actually attack them. Yes, we were ultimately wrong about the WMD's, but I put it this way and compare it to a present day scenario: EVERYONE believes the Iran has Nuclear Weapons. Let's say the President Obama decides to take military action against Iran and it turns out the they never had Nuclear Weapons after all. In a few years from now, will Liberals accuse Obama and hold him accountable just like they still do with Bush? And to conclude, in Bush's first term, his approval rating was 90%...not too shabby for a "terrible President."

  • I agree that George W. Bush was good president.

    George W. Bush was good president because of decision making capability. He made the decision to invade Afghanistan after 9/11 attack. He started the war against terrorism. He also worked on immigration, health care, social security, economic policies and the treatment of terrorist detainees within United States.

    Posted by: Ry0thBarn
  • You Can't Blame Everything On The Current President

    Any one who truly understands economics would know that it is a long term thing. Decisions from years ago are the results of today. The economy was booming before the Bush Presidency, but Bush realized that the wealth was happening too fast because it was corrupt, causing the stock market to become untrustworthy. Depression was coming so Bush decided to cut taxes to have the economy flourish. I believe he saved this country from going completely south.

  • His tax cuts

    Bush was a strong leader, not as bad as they say.

    George W. Bush is attacked by the media. The liberal media has told the US that Bush was terrible and the economy was terrible under him. So now everyone falsely thinks Bush was as bad as they portray him. Well that's untrue. Under Bush, revenue was the highest it had ever been in history. His tax cuts helped jobs grow and prosper. It wasn't just for the rich like the ignorant dems and libs say. It helped everyone. Unfortunately, there are too many brainwashed ignorant people. He would not tax the American citizens any more than he had to, unlike Obama who takes every penny he can get from the people. Which is why I still wonder why people like Obama. When we were attacked on September 11, 2001, Bush decided we would heroically defend our country and attack back, something any good leader would and should do. Not stand by and sympathize with our enemies. Bin laden and Hussein both needed taking out. And they were. Yes, Bin Laden as killed under Obama, but the mission to get him was established well before Obama ran for office. So don't give him all the credit. Bush's thoughts were for the best interest of the people. He wanted to protect and guide us along a safe and prosperous path. And I believe he did. The best he could. His one issue was spending, he did spend too much. But you need to spend a lot of money when in two wars, the money is going to useful funds, unlike Obama's Solyndra. Also, Bush did not spend near as much as Obama. Obama has spent more in his first term than Bush had in both put together. The real recession actually started under Clinton, when he poured money into the housing industry. That carried on into Bush's term, and he got the blame. It's not all Clinton's fault, but he did start it. That's why I hate to see him get so much credit. Things were great under Reagan and Bush Sr., and slowly started to decline under Clinton. Bush was a good, strong leader. When the USA was in peril, he defended us. He wanted to keep American workers working, so he kept our taxes low. He was a much better president than Obama, who is getting an unfair good treatment from the media. People are just too blind to see it.

  • I believe that it was necessary for Bush to send troops to Iraq.

    Unlike Barack Hussein Obama, George W. Bush cared about The U.S.A enough to sacrifice his reputation in order to protect our county against terrorism. Obama, on the other had, has recently supplied Egypt with 20 F-16 fighter jets, when he should be concentrating on protecting our allies versus our enemies.

  • September 11, 2001 says yes.

    Let us just take a moment to remember 9/11. Any president that could lead a country through a national crisis such as 9/11 where terrorists violently killed 2,997 people is an amazing president. 98% of Americans supported Bush after 9/11. If we could just unite like we did then, America would be stronger.

  • Wrong place to be in history.

    George W. Bush was not a bad president as the left promotes, but just a simple man presented with a sad choice, he could have backed away and the left would capitalize on labeling him a coward, and as what happened the abused him as a warmongering murderer. Iraq, did not have a functioning program of chemical weapon manufacture in 2003. However Iraq had used chemical arms against Iran, and Kurdish civilians in a genocide campaign, even when the program of development had ended, Iraq still had stockpiles of chemical arms. Even wiki leaks a leftist respected website listed US forces recovering some of these weapons, include artillery shells filled with mustard gas etc.

  • Unemployment under 8% every year Bush was in office, deficits average 400 billion/yr.

    Unemployment over 8% every year Obama in office, deficits average 1.3 Trillion/yr. Bush kept the country safe, fought 2 wars, brought the economy out of a recession he inherited and kept it growing for most of his term, all while running deficits 3 times what we are running now, after he left office.

  • He murdered Americans and Iraqis

    He lied to congress about why we went to war and perpetrated the 911 attacks, 100,000 Iraqi civilians lost their lives. Al Gore also won the presidency to begin with so officially I never will consider him a president. He also created widespread panic and fear in order for personal gain.

  • Just like Hitler

    We had a good surplus right up until he became president. He also seemed to want to conquer the world. Foreign spending tripled. I think most of Obama's problems are because of Bush. Gas prices rose. That was very good for his oil company. We need to bring our spending back to this country.

  • His domestic and foreign policies were failures across the board

    Let's walk through the issues:

    1. He initiated a war based on false data. There were no WMDs in Iraq. Furthermore, the war was a complete strategic wrong turn that took our nation away from the pursuit of Al Queda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
    2. He never got Bin Laden, and he publicly proclaimed that getting him was no longer a priority.
    3. His administration ignored intelligence data that warned of likely terrorist action by Al Queda before 9/11.
    4. He did not stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear threat
    5. He presided over the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
    6. His under funding of financial regulatory agencies was one of the critical contributing factors to why the economic crisis happened.
    7. He squandered the budget surplus left to him by the previous administration by lowering taxes without a reasonable plan for how to make up the revenue lost, initiating the war in Iraq and then paying for it through deficit spending, and introducing a new Medicare prescription plan without any plan for how to pay for it.
    8. He contributed to the mismanagement of the response to Hurricane Katrina by appointing an unqualified person to handle emergency management and praising that person's efforts when it was clear he was failing.
    9. He authorized the use of torture, supported the Patriot Act, and initiated the detention of enemy combatants without recourse to civil legal action, setting horrible precedents in the violation of human and civil rights.
    10. He attempted to privatize Social Security.
    11. He attempted to start a war with Iran.
    12. He attempted to nominate Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court.
    13. He signed the law requiring the Postal Service to prepay 75 years worth of pension contributions within a 10 year window, which is now the chief reason we may lose the Postal Service today.
    And the list goes on and on.

  • I'm a social moderate and fiscally conservative republican and overall. Failed presidency with a lot of missed opportunities.

    He came into office with a surplus and quickly turned that into a deficit for all the years of his terms. He squandered so much blood and treasure in his misguided war in Iraq. Listening to the Blood thirsty Chicken Hawks instead of being deliberate and thoughtful before risking the lives of our very best. Never asked the American people to pay for this but instead keeping off the books and charging on the Gov't credit card. He simply told Americans to "go shopping". The tax cuts were never supposed to be permanent and should have come with a trigger to stop them when they were all based on projections which never materialized. A smart man would have changed course when it became readily apparent after 911 and the tech bubble burst that the days of surplus were over. Expanded government with the prescription drug benefit for which there was no money to pay for it. Inept in so many ways I cannot even begin. For all his faults though, it's hard to imagine the simple fact that Obama is even worse. God help us all.

  • The worst President EVER

    The man couldn't even speak English. He may have been a good guy to have a beer with, but he was not capable or qualified to be president, based on his actions and what came out of his mouth.
    "I´m the commander -- see, I don´t need to explain -- I do not need to explain why I say things. That´s the interesting thing about being president.",

    "I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5 pound largemouth bass in my lake." --on his best moment in office, interview with the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, May 7, 2006

    "Oh, no, we´re not going to have any casualties"

    "I will not withdraw, even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me."

    "Do you have blacks, too?" --to Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso, Washington, D.C., Nov. 8, 2001

    "This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating." --as quoted by the New York Daily News, April 23, 2002

  • Really? Seriously? One Word: "Depression II"

    War, deregulation that led to the collapse of the world economy, and 2 wars on China credit. Horrifically embarrassing is about the only way to describe the Bush Presidency. It's what happens when you turn a frat boy into a President. I live in Dallas and I am embarrassed to call him a local.

  • He was the worst president and we lost people because of him.

    George W. Bush was the worst president I ever saw in all of my 57 years. Because of his bungling presidency I lost my job in 2009 due to outsourcing. I am now below the poverty line.

    I think George W. Bush should be in jail. If they couldn't hang him based on what he did to the economy then they should have put him away for torturing Bin Laden's cronies.

  • Bush ignored economy.

    When gas prices rose under Bush, businesses started charging more, thus causing people to not be able to afford their mortgage payments groceries, etc. Economist had to be telling Bush to tell his oil buddies to not drive the gas prices up so high. Thus the depression of 2008. Bush could have prevented the 2008 depression if all his rich CEO political contributors would have not gotten so greedy.

  • Did not pay attention to facts. GW Bush got started out in bailing out the Airlines after 911, then he left after the Bank Bailout.

    He used bad information to sell the Iraq war. His monetary policy was to let the dollar get weak. His cabinet did not pay close attention to what was going on in the country, only on the wars. Katrina was his worst moment, he got exposed. Some of his biggest supporters were Ken Lay (Enron), Allan Stanford, now in jail for fraud, and Lance Armstrong for bullying and fraud. Always be on guard when a Texas politician is running for President. GW, Poppa Bush, and LBJ, all got into wars, with only finishing one of them.

  • G.W. Bush changed America forever - in a bad way!

    The United States was once recognized as one of the leading advocates of international law and human rights. We stood for freedom, honesty, and concern for all. But after W. got into office, the America that everyone once knew changed forever. The policies of his administration and his actions during that time have plunged the reputation of the U.S. right down the toilet. Going into Iraq, the Patriot Act, running up the debt, destroying the economy. W. Bush took advantage of 9/11 by pushing fear on America and never let up. It's very sad to see what he has done to our country!

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Anonymous says2013-04-24T17:27:30.247
I think he is good president because in my thought president never try to make bad in country president always want to make peace in country anyway he is bad in something but we have to think we also did many mestake and we and disovay other every people have many mistake and we have to try to solve bu ourself.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T20:37:46.260
Who are these foolish people who think bush was a good president?

I can't believe the mindless things they are saying, i.E. "he kept us safe", bush & his administration kept nobody safe there was 9-11, katrina, 4000+ dead solders, 100,000+ dead Iraqis, Economic Disaster, Massive layoffs and Foreclosures, tax breaks for Outsourcing jobs, and so many other things I'd have to write a book, either these people are not objective or they are dishonest.

As for comparing bush to Obama, its ignorant and childish to compare them on so many levels however, I believe GWB may have even been a smart, funny, personable man who I'd love to party with, he was probably completely duped & manipulated by those around him, but it doesn't make him a "good president". I don't want a scapegoat. I want truth, justice, equality, cooperation, security, stability, compassion, loyalty, courage and a good faith effort to make the world a better place...
Anonymous says2013-04-26T16:35:50.657
Bush will always be considered bad in this family. My son lost 20 from his life drinking KBR water that was poisoned by short cuts to make a profit. Also check the history if the Bush family. "The Business Plot" the attempted Coup of the US Government in 1933, Prescott Bush business dealings with the Nazi's well into 1942 well after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Bush was a puppet and Cheney and the militray industrail complex ran the country. Thats why Democracy is dead in this country ans we now live in a Oligarchy.
Anonymous says2013-05-30T17:54:19.297
I do NOT like George W Bush. I would not want Bush to be my president.
Anonymous says2013-05-30T17:55:58.577
George w. Bush was a terrible president and thats not a opinion its a fact!
Anonymous says2013-06-01T21:18:41.033
Bush is a murderer, an easy puppet, just a mask of what oil companies need, oil companies like his father's. I hate US you have so many idiots, you are condemned to a war, stupid, lazy and fat country. I feel so free for living outside US
Anonymous says2013-07-09T22:35:58.817
He was a great president and will always be my favorite president. His economic policies worked, and the recession of 2008 wasn't his fault. He made the right decision to invade Iraq after 9/11. Do not listen to all the insane claims that he is a weak man and a liar. A truly great and moral man and a great president.
Mr.Sean2001 says2014-02-23T19:08:52.510
To those anonymous bashing Bush, grow a pair, and do some research and stop going ape, trust me, going Ape doesn't make you feel better, though I think Bush tried to do the best he could with the situations that were thrown at him, and like many presidencies, the policies of the previous president tend to transfer over to the next president (Hoover and FDR, JFK and LBJ, etc...)