• Yes, George W. Bush was better than Obama.

    I believe that George W. Bush was better than Obama. The economy was in better shape when Bush was president. There was lower unemployment. His foreign policy was much better and more defined than President's Obama's is. Also, our country has accumulated much more debt since Obama has been president.

  • America speaks for itself

    Look at America and how it is and what it was before Obama came in. Crime rates, welfare and unemployment are up since Obama took office, and the price of gas, holy hell is it up, and America is fat, lazy and stupid. Are you even serious? America is the 17th smartest county, that is very sad.

  • Yes, but not by much.

    I'm fairly moderate and can say I disagreed with Bush on a lot of things, but I also can say I agreed with him on a lot of things. But yes, our economy was better and unemployment was lower under Bush. We also had less food stamps, welfare ETC. But Obama has spent more than any U.S. President combined, added more debt than Bush did in 2 terms of office. I could go on, but I do have more of a life.

  • He is dividing the Country

    Obama has literally divided the country with his policies, encouraging laziness and supporting issues that he has no business getting into. The Trayvon Martin case for example, all he is doing is separating the country by supporting or condoning public events. Hope you guys are ready for next week because if Zimmerman gets an appeal riots are going to be going on all over America.

  • Bush was far better.

    I could go very deep into it, but look at the economy.

    Now Democrats or Obama enthusiasts will say that all of those trillions in debt were created from Bush. However, if you look at it, no, it was Obama's spending that caused it, not to mention he did more drone strikes in the middle east in his first term, than bush did in his whole 8.

  • George is better

    George Bush ended the war in Sudan and Obama has put us in more debt than Bush. Its been 4 years, stop blaming it on him, and if it was not for Bush having the Iraq War we would have never got Bin Laden the one who ya know...caused 9/11. Also the unemployment is incredibly high under Obama and all of his scandals...the IRS scandal, Benghazi, fast and furious, and ap gate.

  • Bush was more structured.

    Bush had much more together than Obama has and will ever have. His policies were stronger, he didn't give money to anyone that didn't work, yet still provided many more jobs than Obama has. Obama instead of finding jobs, hands own money to those who choose not to work at all.

  • George was a better leader than Barack.

    The economy was obviously better in Bush's tenure than it has been in Obama's. The U.S. Debt has drastically increased since Obama has been in office. The unemployment was also lower in Bush's tenure than in Obama's. And, like others have said, his foreign policy was definitely more defined than Obama's has been.

  • Bush is better

    Both added to the deficit quite quickly, but Obama added faster. Obama implemented failed health care reform, continue to do nothing to reform entitlements, shows no ability to compromise, and shows poor leadership skills abroad. Obama knows nothing of tax policy. Under Laffer Curves, the highest tax rate should be at 35%. Bush was spot on on tax policy.

  • Yes, George W. Bush was better than Obama.

    I believe that George W. Bush was better than Obama. The economy was in better shape when Bush was president. There was lower unemployment. His foreign policy was much better and more defined than President's Obama's is. Also, our country has accumulated much more debt since Obama has been president.

  • Look at the Facts

    They both spent 6 trillion dollars, but Bush spent it on War; whereas Obama spent it on investments and for the common good. Das kapital produces our economy, and our labor is more effective than a couple people getting rich off of oil wars. George bush helped label kids with No child left behind, whereas Obama is trying to help the legal application of gun ownership. Utilitarianism needs to be involved to know when things have gone too far, and whether we are people of thanatos or fair isocratism.

  • Not at all.

    I'm not a huge fan of Obama and there are some things that I actually agree with George W. Bush on and disagree with Obama on, but the fact is that Bush was just not good for our country. So many people disapproved of him, and he did some truly terrible things.

  • I don't understand the 80% of yes

    Look, Obama is WAY better than Bush. Bush sent the troops to the Middle East AND got us into debt. Everyone says it was Obama but we were IN right debt when he came into office in 2009. Unemployment rates have gone down to 6%, he has successfully gotten a universal health care bill passed, and it has reportedly cut medical cost to many people. When Obama got into office, unemployment was already there at 12%. Look at this: Bill Clinton left office, we had a surplus; Bush left office, we were in debt and fighting like three wars in the Middle East; Obama will be soon leaving office, unemployment dropped by 50%, universal healthcare has taken affect, and many troops are coming home. Sounds good to me. And also, when someone wins by a landslide TWICE, you can't say he's a terrible president. It's just hands down. We must just have people signing in with a whole bunch of different comments, or there are just more racist honkies in America than I thought.

  • I take Obama

    Obama inherited the debt that Bush made. Bush lied to get people into war which caused this massive debt problem we have. When Bush got into office, the country had a surplus but he wanted to go to war. The things Obama is experiencing is because the errors Bush made did not manifest until Obama got into office. The jobs began leaving going overseas when Bush was in office not Obama.

  • The economy and job market

    I would disagree, when Bush was in office his last term the economy was in a downward spiral and has not picked up yet. It will take another term for someone else to get the economy back where it needs to be. There was noway Obama could have fixed this even if he had four terms, the mess roles down hill. Bush even got on Oprah and said the state of the economy is his fault, and no one wants to believe that.

  • I can't believe people actually believe this

    Ah, how quick we forget,Bush is probably one of the worst presidents if not THE worst president in modern history thanks to things like plummeting our economy to the ground,getting us involved in two unnecessary wars,Katrina I mean for god sakes his presence is still felt how do you ruin a 5.6 trillion surplus.

  • Bush was 10x worse than Obama.

    9/11 was an intelligence failure as the Bush administration was alerted something like 14 times that Osama bin Laden was planning an imminent attack on the United States. The war in Afghanistan was somewhat justifiable, but horribly mismanaged. The administration said that it would take six weeks, but no more than six months. Using the 9/11 attack to their advantage and enormous amounts of incorrect information or plain lies; Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld continually pressured the nation to go to war with Iraq, Claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Cheney claimed that there were no contracts given to Halliburton at the time of the war, but that was discovered to be a huge lie since Halliburton was given dozens of no bid contracts. By the way, Halliburton made something like 39 Billion dollars from the war. Who used to be CEO of Halliburton? Dick Cheney. Also, not to mention the PATRIOT ACT, warrant-less wiretapping, and torture! Hurricane Katrina was another miserable failure as resources to deal with the situation were poorly managed. The economy TANKED under the Bush administration. Remember the financial collapse in 2008 and the bank bailouts? That started under Bush! The economy wasn't bad because of Obama, it was an after effect of Bush! The first trillion dollar deficit budget was submitted by Bush. Don't get me wrong, Obama isn't great and is also guilty of bailing out the banks and being a corporate shill like the rest. We did get Osama under Obama though. If Bush killed Osama, Republicans wouldn't be saying "BUSH didn't kill him, he had nothing to do with it". Obama isn't what we need, but WAY better than George Bush!! Good riddance!

  • Bush was the worst

    Bush took the country to a budget surplus to a massive deficit. He caused the Great Recession and barely did anything to counteract it. He got us into two expensive and ILLEGAL wars. He destroyed the U.S' image throughout the world. It seems people's main concern with Obama here is that he's spent so much money and added to our deficit. Well he's been spending to it help the American people, the $700 billion stimulus is still adding jobs today! Obama may be spending more, but Bush wasted a lot more.

    Posted by: WSB
  • Bush is a war criminal.

    Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld all deserve to be executed for what they did to America and its people. I can't believe disgusting people still support that awful man. He killed thousands of innocent people. Why are people too stupid to see that? Why won't they get their heads out of their butts?

  • No way was Bush better!

    Bush was a catastrophe. He's a warmonger! Not only that, the economy dwindled his last term leading to the Recession. The president worse was Hoover. Obama may have gotten us into debt, but as long as ObamaCare is coming then I don't care. It's hard to make an economic turn around for as long as Obama's been in there.

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