• For sure he was

    George W. Bush was wrong on many things. He made so many mistakes, yet if there is anything that his party should be thankful of him for it is that he was right on immigration. America should be welcoming to all immigrants. They are the reason why this nation was founded upon.

  • On the right track

    While he was working to help them get the life they wanted like so many immigrants, the ways that he was going about it didn't seem to work for the american people. And while the country loves to be divided on issues, it's about people who aren't even citizens, so I don't know how pressing of an issue it is.

  • YES

    I believe that that Bush's plan for immigrants, while not completely correct, was a step in the right direction. He wanted to give them status that would allow them protection from basic exploitation many find when coming to the United States. I would go a step further, and give complete amnesty to all those who were brought to the United states as children. These are the people who are the true victims in all of this. These people are fundamentally American, and break the laws merely on a technicality they literally had no say in.

  • He Was Partly Right

    George W. Bush argued for a pseudo amnesty program, though he didn't call it that himself. He wanted to set up a program where immigrants could come to the United States under a temporary worker program. He thought giving them some sort of legal status would offer protections from being taken advantage of.

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