• In Modern Times, Bush Jr. Was Pretty Bad

    If any other president dragged the United States into two costly and needless wars, he would have been impeached. There have been some fairly bad presidents in U.S. history, but George W. Bush was beyond horrible. A former alcoholic, Bush Jr had daddy issues and tried to upstage his father by deposing Saddam Hussein.

  • no

    No, George Bush was not the worst president of all times. It is quite obvious that Barrack Obama is the worst president of all time, since he has been in office poverty has risen, debt has went to an all time high, unemployment has risen, gas prices have risen, and even the amount of people on wellfare have risen. Obama care is stupid and so is everything else that obama has done. he should stop giving hand outs and make people work for their own money

  • I don't think George W. Bush was the worst President.

    While he wasn't a great president, he was not the worst. He was a reckless president. He was reckless with funds and with the lives of american people but judging him as the worst president is something that I don't feel is fair. Everyone is able to find faults in every president.

  • I don't think he was the worst president.

    I never really follow politics nor do i know much about each US president and what they did or didn't do in the past so i can't say for certain he was the worst president. He definitely wasn't a good one, the whole mess up with invading Iraq for nuclear weapons, lack of aid for residents of Louisiana during hurricane Katrina, etc left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths.

  • He was pretty bad. But no.

    George W. Bush was not exactly a good President, but I believe that to call him the worst ever lacks historical perspective, considering the number of presidents that the US has had and the mistakes and corruption that have happened during their administrations. To be "the worst," he would have to be worse than the likes of Millard Fillmore, Warren G. Harding, and Andrew Johnson. Those were some pretty bad Presidents.

  • That's Obama title....

    Why I know bush obviously could've been a better than what he was, Obama has earned the title of worst president. I was on the fence between James Buchnan or jimmy Carter back then, but neither of them proved to be as horrendous as Obama is. How he still has support baffles my mind!

  • He was a strong president in difficult times

    Wish he was still in the White House........We were respected and feared. He was handed a Country heading towards a Recession and a Military that had their equipment depleted (thanks to Bill Clinton).
    He showed strong leadership on 9/11 and brought this Country together.......You were Proud to be an American !

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