• He's A Good President.

    Well, He did some good and bad things. He did have slaves thats bad. . But he created America, Made laws, And became the first president! He inspired many other people to do great things. He inspired me to do good things. I can name so much more reasons why. He trusted other people, He was kind, Caring, He listened to other people.

  • He is a good president

    I think he was a good president because he was the first so he had no one to tell him any tips or advice. Like other leaders before him they were usually monarchs who only cared about jewels and having things go there way. But with Washington he took others opinions into consideration

  • Why not Mr. Washington?

    George Washington was not exactly a good president. It's true he never took tips OFTEN, which led to some downfalls. For example, with a small army he tried to invade other countries that had greater armies because he had not gathered more soldiers. If it was not for advice from the council, we would have been smashed, defenceless and been slaved while poor innocent people tried to defend would have been killed or slaved.
    -message from EPICGOD

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