• Yes, he said many wise things.

    Yes, George Washington was right in warning about political parties, because the effect has been that power is concentrated in the hands of a few party bosses, and the actual people have very little say. George Washington also didn't want the President to be a king, and he reminded us to stay out of foreign entanglements. He was a wise man indeed.

  • George Washington Warning About Political Parties

    George Washington was right when he warned about political parties. It hurts our country as a whole and in the end no citizen is benefiting. Just look today at our party system, it is fully corrupt and no two sides have the answer. A system such as in Europe would be more beneficial where every political party has a power and say in the government.

  • No. For a multitude of reasons.

    Having political parties allows people to express themselves to the fullest of their capabilities.

    Yes, we see on the news how there are riots and rallies against certain things, but that is a small percentage of the population.

    It allows the government to have balanced discussions and decisions that help both sides.

  • Y would ya ruin it

    George wasnt right because he jus started anotha political argument and because he warned us we went into a frenzie mode which made more peps have political talk and he shouldnt have because lives depend on it cause of the corruption that can happen because of it -message from EPICGOD

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