Was Glenn Beck's decision to depart from Fox News and start his own channel on the Internet a good idea?

  • Everything Is Moving To The Internet

    With the large amount of cord cutters calling it quits on the cable companies and moving to Internet for their media choices, I think it was a very smart idea for Glenn Beck to leave Fox News. Both Fox News and CNN have turned into atrocities that journalists should steer clear of.

  • He'll have more control to say and do what he wants.

    Glenn Beck isn't exactly known as a beloved host, but he does have a fanbase nonetheless. Starting his own channel will give him freedom to be even more opinionated and have more control over the show. Those who like him will probably enjoy this even more. He may have a smaller audience, but being able to be as candid as he wants might even get him more publicity in the headlines.

  • No Gleen Beck departing Fox News was not a good idea.

    Glenn Beck didn't to depart Fox News, he needed to depart the public eye completely. Mr. Beck is nothing but a bigot and racist pretending to be a political commentator. He's an advocate for the Great White Society in which people of color will only be tolerated as servants to the ruling White Class.

  • No, it won't.

    I think his audience will stay on Fox news and they won't follow him to his new station. His audience is mostly older men who aren't that adept at using the internet anyways, so I think this is a huge mistake for him. I believe it will be canceled in a matter of weeks.

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