Was God's Not Dead a good movie or not? Why?

Asked by: Brainii
  • Inspiring but confusing

    Great apologetics movie for Christians but too many storylines at once. It's cool how they feature famous people. A little cheesy but it's hard to find good Christian movies these days. People say it is discriminatory towards athiests and Muslims, but I think it's really just supporting Christianity. God's not dead!

  • It is a great movie!!!!

    I have no idea how you can call this movie bad. It is a great movie proving that God is alive! It is not about putting atheists down and bringing Christians up. It's just showing reality. People in America are so used to sticking to their opinion that if someone goes against what they believe, they get their feelings hurt and let everyone know about. I read many reviews on this movie, and I see a lot of "I turned it on to have a good laugh" well... There is nothing funny! You know God is alive. You just don't want to accept it.

  • It was a good movie

    It helped me understand the bible a lot more, but it kind of indicating that God made the Big Bang happen, it said that when God said let there be light maybe a huge streak of light shot across the universe and mad the universe. Other than that that was the best movie I have ever saw

  • Yeah, I think so.

    Disregarding some of the cliches, I do think it was a pretty good movie. Yeah, the Philosophy prof was a bit unrealistically portrayed and some of the scenes were cheesy, but it's a Christian movie geared towed a teenage audience. It's going to have some cliches and repetition, but all in all, it did a good job of showing what standing up for a belief in God should look like and how Christians should be acting toward those that choose not to believe.

  • Most definitely! Why wouldn't it be?

    It shows God's wonderful love and mercy. That He sent his only son so that we should not perish in hell, but have everlasting wonderful life with Him and if that doesn't get you thinking I don't know what will! I hope this inspires you and your friends/family to watch it :)

  • Enemies of Christ - characterized by caricature.

    This movie reached the level of near-propaganda very early on.

    The plot of the movie was essentially a chain email from the 90's about a smug atheist professor trying to unfairly use his position of power to destroy young and innocent Christians who were just trying to mind their own business.

    (Had the characters been swapped and demonstrated an aggressive Christian pushing towards atheists, my opinion would still remain the same.)

    Every character that wasn't Christian was portrayed as a fool, arrogant, hateful, "God hating", or just plain evil.

    In the end, the movie was ham-fisted propaganda that unfairly portrays anyone who isn't Christian as bad or dysfunctional, and sets up strawman after strawman to burn down (to the subjective audiences applause) and triumphs over the tragically one-sided argument while making a mockery of the religion it attempts to defend.

    If you don't believe me check out ANY review from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, or just google "God's Not Dead" and check the first 20 links that pop up. You'll see that I'm being very polite about this review.

  • No no no

    From what I've see, it's ridiculous. I can't imagine a philosophy professor being so rude or closed minded. Of course they had to make the atheist a rude, arrogant, and closed minded person because making the antagonist a friendly, open minded, atheist who is willing to discuss the topics would send the wrong message.

    Posted by: n7
  • Such a bias movie

    This movie makes it seem as if Christians are "rare" in the US. In reality about 60-70% of Americans are Christians. This movie is very close minded. It bashes other opinions by making them seem as if their life is a mess, as if they are lost, as if they are plain and simple; "Assh****".

  • Triumph of the will

    The film is a little bit like Nazi propaganda (I do not mean it as a guilt by association), or any other ideology which deludes itself into self-victim-hood- a 'modern day' American college deviating from Christian values, atheist professor who hates God, abusive Muslim dad etc. But we are saved by the ubermensch main character- intelligent, handsome, courageous and critical (ironic considering in real life the dogmatists are those on the left hand column) fighting against the un-Christian foe.

    But the main point is, the whole thing is basically a straw man of both atheism and philosophy. Not only that, it's not very professional to force pupils to sign 'God is dead'. I'm very sure a philosophy professor, with philosophy being the search for knowledge, will not compare student to do these, nor is it acceptable to any academic institution to do this. Will any school force children to say 'God is dead' or give out detentions? Colleges? Universities? Academies?

  • It alienates non-Christians and glazes over major points.

    It shows people who are not christian as complete jerks.On the atheist;It shows him as an arrogant jerk who demands others to come to his faith(sounds familiar....).Also,it shows atheists as people who secretly believe there is a god and who are insecure in their faith.The Muslims are portrayed as jerks who kick out their daughter.Here is some bonus stuff:it portrays Christians as underdogs when they are the most dominant religion and people such as atheists are discriminated in roles such as this.Also,it glazes over major arguments with "Yeah,but".It glazes over the Big Bang theory as saying "how did the universe come from nothing?" instead of delving into it and making a sound argument for both sides instead of what they did;portray non-Christians as jerks who force their faith upon good ol' Christians,make the christian boy seem like a great guy and glaze over major scientific theories.I frankly find the movie offensive as how it portrays atheists and other non-Christians(jerk like stuck up professors insecure in their belief who force beliefs.),So no.

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