Was Google right to honor Cesar Chavez's birthday on Easter?

  • No duh! They are a company not a Church!

    They can honor whoever they want to! I didn't like but so what!?! I would rather of them honor Easter, but its there website they have right to honor whoever/whatever they want to! If they want to honor God then they can! If they want to honor the devil then they can! If you don't like it don't use Google, or send them feedback letting them know that you would rather them honor someone/something else.

  • Yes they had every right to do so.

    Google does not have any obligations towards any religious sect and thus should be allowed to do what they please regardless of your ideas and feelings towards Cesar Chavez. While he has become a dictator and is against America, he nevertheless was a highly influential figure in history and thus should have some sort of recognition.

  • If Pope John Paul II Could Why Not Google

    If one of the highest ranking religious leaders at the time could see past the fear mongering and hatred I don't see why it would be wrong to celebrate the man on his birthday if you're intent on celebrating it. It's not like the man could choose when he was born. At least Easter is a moving Holiday so it doesn't happen every year.

  • Sure, why not?

    Google has no religious obligation. They are an information search engine; not your religious calendar.

    And even if they did post an Easter theme, someone else would complain about about how Google is favoring the Christian traditions. People feel so entitled on the internet. They were merely wishing a man happy Birthday, not crucifying one.

    Posted by: klw8
  • No Google should not have honored his birthday.

    No, I feel that it was inappropriate for Google to honor Cesar Chavez's birthday on Easter. Chavez was a ruthless leader and someone who had extreme hatred towards America, and I think that Google should have exercised more caution and diligence when it comes to who the company decides to honor on a religious day such as Easter.

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