• Gustavo Cerati Influential to Latin American Rock

    Gustavo Cerati was incredibly influential to Latin American rock music. Critics have claimed that the band he was in during the 80's, Soda Stereo, was the most important and influential band in Latin American rock. He was later nominated for a number of Latin American Grammy awards during his solo career. His angst filled songs, which were influenced by American and British punk music, were huge hits with fans throughout Latin America.

  • Latin American definition of Rock in 80's and 90's

    With the help of his band Soda Stereo, he was one of the largest rock bands in Latin American community. Many would say that the fame he and his band received in Latin America, was similar to the fame Americans gave the Beetles. Due to this fame he sold over 500,000 albums and won numerous awards in both Latin American and internationally in America.

  • A True Icon, Even If Not Well-Known In North America

    Gustavo Cerati was a huge influence on Argentinian music and culture. While an argument can made that his tragic health problems contributed to the growth of his legend over the last few years, there can be no debate on his abilities and his influence on the Latin American rock music scene.

  • Cerati was a pioneer of “rock en Espanol”

    Gustavo Cerati was a pioneer of “rock en Espanol”. As the lead singer of Soda Stereo, he paved the way in the 1980's and 1990's for Spanish rock. With his passing he will become a legend in his kind for bringing Latin music to the hearts of all who adore it.

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