• Yes, she will.

    She was a very influencial jouralists who did a a lot of high qualty reporting that exposed some very serious issues. She one several awards, incluidng a Peabody, which speaks volumes of the influence that she had on others. Her opinions and her researched changed the views of many people.

  • Yes, Ifill was influential.

    Yes, Gwen Ifill, who passed away this week at the young age of 61, was a very influential journalist because of her fair and balanced reporting. She was a voice of calm and reason in a sea of journalism gone amuck. Where many others in her profession resort to sensationalism, she stuck to true, unbiased reporting. In her quiet, unpretentious way, she was extremely influential, and many will miss her and her reporting style.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Gwen Ifill was impossible to dislike. She was trustworthy, classy and one of the few folks in the news who didn't have an agenda. She was a roll model for many and will be missed. As Ifill herself said, her work and visibility inspired many like her to imagine themselves do the same, and in a time when we will need clear-eyed journalism and diverse perspectives more than ever, that kind of influence is truly invaluable.

  • PBS is not popular for news.

    No, Gwen Ifill was not influential, because television is not where most people get publicly available news information. Most people who want publicly produced news shows listen to National Public Radio. It is seen as the counter to a lot of conservative radio. Not a lot of people watch political shows on PBS.

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