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  • A piece of crap is what it is

    That movie was so dumb. It's nothing more than something glorifying the ghetto, that's what. I thought this movie was stupid. It's laughably dumb. It's one of the worst movies released in the last 25 years. God help me this is a dumb freaking film. Lol
    Stupid a-- movie lol

  • It was stupid in a funny way

    To me this has to be perhaps the nastiest movie I've ever seen. Lol. Nothing but gutter ghetto language left and right. Anger. Hatred. Stupidity. But I find it funny. This is the kinda behavior, no offense, that Al Sharpton condones in the black community. This is stupidity at its funniest, not because the movie is good but because this movie is pure garbage. Pure McDonald'sish garbage!

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