• Xxxtentacion was one of the greatest

    I say yes because before he passed away, His music had something for everyone and he spoke to people through hiw music, And his music helped a lot of suicidal people get through thier depression, And he liked to help kids and talk to his millions of fans, Thois is why so many people cried when xxxtetacion died.

  • Not even a little.

    He was a pretty generic sad rapper. I liked a few of his songs, But none of them were really that good. His lyricism wasn't very memorable and the beats weren't great. The only reason why people claim that he's amazing is because he's dead. There are so many better artists out there.

  • Um wait, Who?

    The reason we can't call him the greatest rapper is due to the sheer amount of people who have no clue of who he is. The greatest rapper should be known to everyone, Even people who don't listen to rap. Its like how for video games you can't call ActRaiser the best video game of all time. It could be your favorite or a really good game but it cannot be the best game. Same with rappers. Im sure he was a great rapper, Probably peoples favorite but to people who don't listen to rap, Its a blank slate.

    Posted by: Jofa
  • Lol he dead

    He wasn't a good rapper to anyone's standards, The only time people actually listened to his music was when he died. That means that he was bad when he was living and people felt bad that no one liked his music so they started listening to it. If you think his music is good, You should probably pop your own bubble and listen to other music.

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