Was Heinrich Himmler right in attempting to initiate peace talks with Allied forces?

  • Talk is always good.

    Yes, Heinrich Himmler was right in attempting to initiate peace talks with Allied forces, because each side should always be willing to talk about differences. By then, Himmler was wise to know that Germany was already on the down side of its war effort, and they knew they were going to lose completely at some point.

  • Peace Talks Better Than Berlin Invasion

    Peace talks between Germany and the Allies were better than the alternative, which was a full-scale invasion of Germany ending in Berlin. Heinrich Himmler was right to attempt to initiate peace talks, even though Adolf Hitler was the supreme commander with regards to such things. Himmler understood that once the Allies landed in Normandy, it was only a matter of time before Germany would lose the war.

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  • He Lied When He Did

    I do not believe Heinrich Himmler was right in attempting to initiate peace talks with Allied forces. The problem with his actions is the fact that he outright lied about his status in the German government and also gave false information about survival rates in the concentration camps. Given the circumstances it's hard to imagine what he thought he was doing.

  • No, It was too late

    Heinrich Himmler attempted to initiate peace talks after he realized they had lost the war. He had done this without Hitler's consent. He is responsible for killing 11 to 14 million people with his extermination concentration camps. He ultimately ended his life out of fear when it should have been out of remorse. His attempt to initiate peace talks was to late and it was only when he had realized he had been beat and wanted protection.

  • Himmler was not in the right mind for effective peace talks

    Heinrich Himmlerwas wrongin attempting to initiate peace talks with Allied forces because his pschological state would not allow him to negotiate on a sane level. Himmler was a leader in a country led by brutality and there is nothing he could have said that would have brought peace with allied forces.

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