Was Hilary Clinton insensitive when stating her family left the White House "dead broke"?

  • How are they dead broke?

    When it comes to Hilary Clinton being insensitive when she said her family left the White House "dead broke", i really don't see how that statement really makes a whole lot of sense. For starters, the Clintons are no where near broke and this statement came off like a plead for sympathy.

  • Dead broke so untrue

    She has no idea what dead broke is. Dead broke is when you have to tell your child that you can not afford that meal, or you are so behind on your bills that your power is turned. Dead broke is losing your home because you have gotten sick and nobody cares. Dead broke is living on the street. She makes me sick with that comment.

  • People are really broke.

    Yes, Hilary Clinton was insensitive when stating her family left the White House dead broke, because she is an out of touch rich person with no idea how real people live. Clinton thinks dead broke is having millions of dollars to spend on attorney fees, and having power and professional degrees to get them large incomes. They don't know what it's really like.

  • Social Classes Are Different

    We all know Hilary Clinton has no idea what it feels like to want or be dead broke but I don't think we should take her comment as insensitive. As a poor person I know these people in politics can't even fathom what it is like to be broke and I'm not offended when they think they are. I just laugh.

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