• Yes, in the context of a slippery slope argument

    Russia has not come close to committing the atrocities that nazi Germany committed. However, with their totalitarian government in a fake democracy and their hatred of one specific group of people (homosexuals) they are certainly a country to be careful of. The Russian invasion of the Ukraine seems awfully similar to the German invasion of Czechoslovakia.

    However, we must not come to a cunclusion too quickly. We must stay mindful and realistic.

  • Ignorance of the West

    Stating that the Russian state and the Nazis are the same is like saying an apple is an orange. Or even that bald is a hair color. It is quite funny to hear ignorant people talk about what they know nothing about. Crimea is Russia and was ceded to Ukraine by a Ukrainian, that is shady in my opinion. Also if you want to compare anyone to Nazis look no further than the fascist right wing of Ukraine whom practically worship Stepan Bandera. Additionally, Ukraine is the heartland of Russia, the capital of the Kieven Rus (Rus meaning Russian) was Kiev. Which for those who lack an education in geography is in Ukraine. Not only that Ukrainians are of Russian descent (Russian, little Russians, and the White Russians). But I would not expect most westerners to understand what this means. Oh and on the issue of Homosexuals, I am not for nor against it but this is what happens when you try and force your ideals on a different culture. For every action there is a separate but equal reaction (at least culturally and politically).

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