Was his journey to Britain, Israel, and Poland a mistake for Romney?

  • Romney journey to Britain, Israel, and Poland was not a mistake.

    Romney journey to Britain, Israel, and Poland was not a mistake. However, his comments that he made to the officials of these countries did not help him in the poles. His ideals and concerns on leading this country was not good and that is why he did not win the election.

  • US Needs Representation

    I do not believe that Romney's trips to Britain, Israel, and Poland were mistakes. While I personally didn't vote for Romney, I don't think he can really understand Americans, not the majority of them anyway (yes, us poor ones), I do think he is a good politician and he has his place. I believe America needs representation and when one of our candidates travels to other locations, it should never be considered a waste.

  • Romney's International Travel Not a Mistake

    Without a doubt, Mitt Romney made the right choice when he visited Britain, Israel, and Poland. All three countries are considered United States allies, and his visit showed that he cares about the country's friends. Such a visit was smart from a foreign policy standpoint and in other ways, too.

  • It could only help

    Romney had a number of issues throughout his campaign, and one of his biggest was foreign policy; while both candidates were weak in the area of foreign policy to begin with, by his second term, Obama had an obvious, inherent advantage - Romney had to do something in order to show some experience.

  • His journey to Britain, Israel, and Poland was not a mistake for Romney.

    Romney's foreign policy trip was not a mistake. Although, in the end, it did not make him win the election, it helped his campaign. He was able to show a lot of foreign policy experience during the trip, and he demonstrated his ability to reach diplomatic agreements with foreign heads of state.

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