• Yes, it was created to kill the gays.

    There was a famous experiment involving vaccines distrubuted to gay men in 1979 in San Francisco. It is hardly a coincidence that the first case of HIV/AIDS came from the San Francisco bay area. Our government has done many suspicious experiments such as the infamous MKULTRA testing, and this appears to one such example of shady testing.

  • Not a chance.

    Ok, let's pretend some guy in a white lab coat and safety glasses was told to make a virus that would kill people. Why...Why make HIV (AIDS)? Why not recreate a modern bubonic plague, something deadlier, airborne, something you catch because you didn't wash your hands after going to wal-mart? it's idiotic to think they would spend so much time making a disease you catch via blood and then take years to die off of, sadistic, but not effective.

  • No, HIV is not man made

    HIV is not man made because the virus is originally found in other animals like the chimpanzees. When the humans got the virus, it might have mutated to species that are more suitable for infecting humans, but humans definitely have not made the virus. However, HIV was able to become an epidemic because of humans.

  • No It Is Not Man Made

    I do not believe that HIV was man made. I have read several articles that suggest it was, but I've yet to come across concrete evidence. I believe that HIV, like many viruses, was something that developed over time and was accidental. I refuse to believe that HIV was made in a laboratory somewhere.

  • No

    Bad viruses like HIV spring up all of the time in nature. There is no evidence that it was man made. If people wanted to make a lethal virus, wouldn't they make one that has a higher rate of mortality and is transmitted with greater ease? It's just a conspiracy theory.

  • I doubt it, but maybe.

    There are some very plausible theories that HIV was genetically engineered to kill of the African population, but ultimately there isn't really any conclusive evidence to this. At most right now, it's more science fiction than hard fact. I think as more research is done, a conclusion can be reached on this issue.

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