Was Indiana's field goal really no good in their overtime loss to Duke?

  • It was out.

    If you just watch the video from under the goal post, it's hard to tell because you don't see a frame where the ball is either in front of or behind the goal post. From that perspective, I couldn't tell.
    But, if you watch the video from the stands behind the end zone, you see the ball kicked from the left side and never crossing in front of the goal post on the left. If it never crosses the left goal post, it could not be between it and the right. Just watch were the ball hits the netting behind the goal. The only way it could possibly hit there is if he kicked a curve ball.

  • The official made the call end of discussion, the field goal attempt was no good!

    Under NCAA rules any field goal attempt that passes over the uprights is not reviewable. The official on the field standing under the upright ruled the attempt no good that the end of the discussion. You can find photo that show the attempt as good or missed depending on angle. The bottom line is it was ruled a miss!

  • Indiana lost fair and square.

    Feelings and emotion often cloud the reality of calls during sporting events. In the days before video review, the first call by an official was set in stone. With video review, it makes it fair and square for all concerned, fans, teams, coaches and officials. Indiana fans have no room to gripe and complain.

  • It was in...

    I think upon first glance, it didn't look like it made it, but after watching some angles of instant replay, it certainly looked like it was in. However, I understand the rules, and the referees were just following those rules. It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is in sports.

  • Indiana's field goal should have counted

    Indiana's field goal definitely cross through the uprights and should have been counted in their eventual loss to Duke. If you look at one of the photos taken from directly under the field goal, you can see that the ball passed inside of the right upright and should have given Indiana 3 points. Those 3 points would have given Indiana the win in regulation.

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