Was internment of Japanese Americans during World War II the right thing to do?

  • Americans come first

    The Japs were a threat to the United States, so they put them in internment camps. After Pearl Harbor, the United States felt legitimately threatened by the Japanese, and although many of the Japanese people were indeed innocent, we had to protect ourselves from any possible outlash from the Japs. Simple.

  • At the time with Japan attacking Pearl Harbor the United States had to protect it's citizens.

    While it is unfortunate that many Japanese people were innocent, having them in internment camps could of help save the USA from future attacks within the country. It was proven the Germans had spies here, it would be just as easy for the Japanese to bring in spies as well. It was a volatile time and we needed to protect ourselves.

  • For the times, I believe they were

    I do not like the fact that I am agreeing with this statement, and I do not like it at all. However, the reality remains that people were really quite crazed during World War 2 and were deep in the grip of extreme propaganda. It also remains a fact that many veterans came home after having been imprisoned by the Japanese, and many civilians had relatives killed in the Pacific theater. For their own safety, those of Japanese descent were probably better off in those camps, and that is the painful truth, though that paints a horrible picture of American society.

  • Wrongful imprisonment is unacceptable

    There can be no reason that would justify the arrest, imprisonment, and forced relocation of any peoples. If we are to use war as a reason to persecute and harass individuals or a race of people as a whole, what does that say about our society and our values? We would be no better than the dictators that we fought against in WW ll, Hitler used ethnic purity as a reason for killing millions of Jews, the powers in charge of making the decision to imprison American people solely because they had Japanese lineage is appalling and criminal.

  • Take in context

    The actions of war need to be taken into context of the time they took place in, and WWII was a particularly intense and contentious time. Japanese internment was definitely not the right move - immigrants choose to come to the US, they love the country more than many native born people.

  • No. I do not believe the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II the right thing to do.

    No. I do not believe the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II the right thing to do, because I don't believe people should be imprisoned, or held captive unless they are guilty of wrong doing. Holding a certain race of people captive because you are at war with their genetic homeland is ridiculous.

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