• Washington and Wall street Home to the Evil greedy.

    As a Marine i am disgusted with Washington. Now that the wars are over the first thing they do is cut military spending,Where? Well of course on the Troops of course I real sign of appreciation. Of course the Weapons companies didn't feel any pain. Wall street is filled with criminals now that they were bailed out are those thieves sorry,hell no! A large percentage of homes being bought are by those crooks. Of course they invest in real estate. Why would they risk their money in the stock market. No rules were passed to assure us that this won't happen again so the next one is coming. Disgusted

  • Disappointed Iraq vet

    Look at Mosul. American lives were lost there. We trained the Iraq army and spent millions to arm them. Now it's fallen to insurgents along with all the US supplied weapons and equipment. The Iraq government didn't even try to defend it. They just fled. More cities will fall, quickly. I say bring every last service member home for good. Not one more casualty, hell with it.

  • For the citizens only

    According to me , it has been a mistake as far as the peoples interests are concerned. But for the ruling cliques in Washington it is a success. If it was a mistake and a feeling of guilt and repentance on iraqs invasion then I am pretty sure Obama would stop meddling in libyas affairs as it is evident general khalif haftar is trying to de stabilize Libya on behalf of cia.

  • The U.S. Was Not Threatened

    We should only take military action if there is a plausible threat to the health and safety of american citizens. There was no such threat from Iraq. Iraq was not taking or threatening hostile action against Americans.
    The war mainly benefited Iran. They gained a new friend and lost a major enemy in Hussein.

  • Yes, there wasn't a real threat there.

    Yes, Iraq was a waste of time, money, and lives, because there wasn't a real threat to U.S. interests there. Intelligence did not do a thorough enough of a job investigating whether there were weapons of mass destruction before the nation attacked. Our resources would have been better spent elsewhere.

  • Money maker for the military industrial complex

    Politicians paid for the war by borrowing money. Talk about corporate welfare. The tax payer get to pay for the war with interest and receive nothing on their investment. Our young kids were killed and maimed for a lie. Now the politicians want to cut veteran's benefits. Politicians need to burn in hell. America wake up and don't be conned into anymore wars.

  • A little comparison

    Let's just pose this scenario: Someone keeps picking on you, making fun of you. You have one of two choices, do you take a trip over to their house, and confront them about it there. Or do you hold your ground, on your own property, where you have a home court advantage? Fighting over there isn't going to keep them from attacking here, when they already have a lot of terrorists here. We will see when we draw out. The Al Queda is just going to take back over, also it's ritual for them to attack nations who interfere with their homeland right after they draw their soldiers out. Happened to Russia. The only gain our nation has gotten was a little more control over some oil wells. True agenda anyone?

  • Yes.

    Iraq was a major waste of time and especially money and lives in the United States. Although in the beginning it might have seemed as if it was a required act to be taken, it was appreciated by almost no one. When a union is asking for help against a dictator or other being it is the responsibility of those who can help to do what they can do. However, they did not ask for the help that they were given and the U.S. did not even help the country considering it is still in just as bad shape as it was when we tried to help them.

  • The Iraq War did not benefit America or its people.

    The Iraq War was a massive waste of time, money, and lives for the United States. While Saddam Hussein was without question a tyrant who deserved what he got, he was in no way an imminent threat to the US, and therefore there was no need for the US to interfere. The US lost much in the war, and gained practically nothing. The region is as unstable and hostile to the US as ever.

  • A Son Trying to Finish what His Father Started

    In my opinion, the most recent Iraq war was based off of mistakes, fabrications, and greed. I think the President at the time was attempting to finish the prior Iraqi war that his father had led. Greed for money, greed for power, greed for oil, these are the reasons that people died, and it's unacceptable.

  • Wrong Question - it begs an answer for Dummies

    The question posed is typical of propaganda. I agree that the war was a waste - but taking most of Saddam's weapons out should have been the goal - and then depart. Most of the Iraqi people have never embraced the concept of 'their country', and are not likely to feel comfortable with electing just a few 'representatives' to actually represent them. A 'Country' is not really a practical concept in a disparate, regional society. Just saying that the war was "Bad" - and then allowing those who asked this question to misrepresent why the war was 'dumb', is not in my best interest.
    Therefore I vote "NO" to "Was Iraq a waste of time, money and lives?" - It's so easy to 'sell' ignorance - difficult to 'sell' complicated issues. Anyone who took Sociology in college should have some exposure to why this type of question is absurd.

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