• Americans are always right, because they have tried everything else... W. Churchill

    My understanding is that The US government has followed the strategic plan forged by bin Laden to the letter.

    The U.S. remains the world’s superpower, but is weakened in so many ways.

    America is emerging from conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, that can at best be described as Pyrrhic victories, shackled by an unsustainable debt.

    Instigating America to destroy Iraq was a triumph of genius. He must have known about the neoconservative cabal in Washington that was itching to start wars and destroy Iraq. In bin Laden's wildest dreams he then imagined that he could get an enraged America to destroy his enemies while, at the same time, isolating itself from allies and becoming seriously weakened.

    The US government has lost all credibility

  • No way!

    The war in Iraq wouldn't even be in the running in my opinion. Maybe it did not go smoothly, but I consider it a major victory! Mr. Hussein was a tyrannical dictator. He caused unspeakable misery to his own people. We didn't find weapons of mass destruction? Really? I consider Hussein himself a weapon of mass destruction! Under his direction over 2,000 Kurds were killed, an ethnic cleansing. That is just the tip of the warhead that was Saddam Hussein.

  • No but it was close

    Iraq was a humongous waste of money and American lives. The war most likely set our country back by decades as the economy is now in shambles and the democrats and republicans are even more divided than ever. Vietnam, in my opinion, was America's biggest blunder as it was the first war we lost and it brought anger against the government for things such as the Mi Lai Massacre.

  • Not really, no.

    America has had so many blunders throughout its existence that it is hard to consider Iraq the top mistake. It is perhaps the biggest blunder in recent years, though. It has cost the country billions of dollars, and has led to the current economic problems. There is also the fact that the war was build on a series of lies. Other more significant blunders are the existence of slavery which eventually lead to a Civil War, the Vietnam War, among other blunders.

  • Nothing but a waste of time and money, but not our worst!

    George W. Bush's Iraqi venture may not have been the United States' "biggest blunder," but it was a big blunder. It is embarrassing to think that we went into Iraq looking for these infamous "weapons of mass destruction," and did nothing but waste time and money and made ourselves look like clowns while we were at it.

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