Was is a good decision to bring two Ebola infected Americans back to the USA?

Asked by: mapperky
  • So much for compassion.

    With proper isolation, containment, and medical procedures, there is little or no risk of contamination or spread of infectious diseases. The CDC has been handling dangerous viruses and other pathogens for decades without incident. What we gain by returning US citizens in critical medical conditions ... Is access to greatly enhanced medical care that GREATLY increases the chances that the victims of this terrible disease will survive. Its a choice as to whether fear of compassion guides you, and I for one would rather risk my life to save an innocent one rather than sit back and make an excuse to avoid aiding others in need of help.

    Lord knows if you were struck with a deadly disease, YOU would expect compassion, to deny it to others is silly.

  • So much for the "Home of the Brave", huh?

    It's not like they're just handing them some surgical masks and sticking them on a plane, telling them to find the nearest hospital. These two Americans have been put on a plane, with themselves strapped in a gurney, covered in a plastic cover, with the containment unit on the plane sealed with a quarantine plastic wrap that prevents the virus from spreading.

    The men and women handling and caring for them are wearing haz-mat suits, and the CDC Building in Atlanta is very well equipped to handle these two. The fact that under these circumstance we're still afraid to bring them hear because of our timidness really undermines our principles.

    Remember folks, as FDR famously said, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."

  • Worry about others

    The two infected Americans are being brought back to America in extremely careful conditions. The people taking care of them are being overly cautious to make sure Ebola doesn't spread in the US. It is the people that just went on a mission trip to Liberia and are coming back with a mild fever that the public needs to worry about. If everyone knows that people have Ebola when they come into the country, it can be handled and contained effectively.

  • If he or she where in your family you would want the same done

    You have a chance to save two American lives. I just don't see the argument, they are two people that were trying to help sick people in another country doing good for others. And at the very least they are checking this medicine so we can save thousands if not millions later in life.

  • Yes, because we can contain it.

    This is not an airborne virus. It's transmitted through bodily fluids so the contagious nature is minimum. The reason for the outbreak in Africa is that the patients who contract Ebola may not show symptoms until weeks later and therefore have the potential to transmit the virus to countless others. By the time they try to contain the outbreak, it has spread to too many people and they ended just trying to do damage control. Not to mention these Africa countries have very limited resources to work with. Bringing the two citizens to US is different because we know who they and have the resources to prevent the spread. They are controlled from the moment they land through their treatment so we are safe. This not the zombie apocalypse so stop worrying. On the moral side, these are Citizens who have risks their lives to treat others in other countries. We need to treat them like the Americans heros they truly are, same treatment we would give any citizen of the US.

  • No this would be a stupid idea.

    There only two people with this disease who are American if we bring these people back it could spread to more than two people. The Ebola virus chances of spreading might be small but if it does end up spreading it could kill more than two lives, it could kill millions.

  • NO to Allowing anyone back into the Country with a Disease that is deadly & Contagious

    Never bring any disease to AMERICA ! Only an insane person (s) would do this to America by allowing a disease into the Country where millions could die. NO THIS WAS A VERY BAD DANGEROUS STUPID THING TO DO. YOU do NOT Let even a DOG LIVE to BITE AGAIN...INSANE comes into my mind and SCARED. They went to Africa at their own risks . Don't risk American lives

  • There's a poll asking the same thing. Oh, well ...

    I am not against helping these 2 people, but it should be done off U.S. soil. There are military bases around the world. These bases are surely equipped to deal with chemical or biological agents. That would make them a safe & adequate facility to handle Ebola. If one mistake is made, if an accident happens, this will be a nightmare. It never should have been allowed!

  • It could spread Ebola

    Bringing those two back to the US could make the disease spread in the US and it can cause a pandemic. There is no treatment nor cure for Ebola and it is a deadly disease. They probably die even with great treatment. We can't risk a pandemic. We could put them on a unpopulated island instead.

  • I wouldn't of been kind to just leave them in Africa but when it comes down to it the stakes are too high.

    It wouldn't of been nice but it seems to risky to bring them back to the US. I'm sure there probably nice people but sometimes hard decisions need to be made. It's the choice between two definite Ebola deaths, or a possible epidemic. Unfortunately the mortality rate for Ebola is 90% and there are likely to die even with great treatment.

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