• Sorry.... Never a Big Fan Mindy Project

    Yes, I agree with cancelling The Mindy Project. I have only watched the show a handful of times in the past. I was never a big fan of the show. The Mindy Project never made it on my "must see" list. It's always hard to see a show end but sometimes it's just for the best.

  • It was not a bad idea to cancel The Mindy Project.

    If ratings were down,there is no sense in wasting the air time on it.The air time could and should be used on shows with higher ratings that a larger viewing audience are going to watch. Personally, I think it was right to cancel it. Television bills are high. There needs to be something worth watching aired.

  • It was not bad

    It was not bad. I say this because it simply did not have enough viewers. While it might have been a good show, the producers and network only keep shows that have a certain numbers of viewers and advertising revenue. It just must have been impossible to keep going at the current rate.

  • Another decent comedy

    The Mindy Project was a decent comedy in a pool filled with decent comedies. Nothing about the show was unique enough to capture viewers away from other offerings. The ratings of the show reflect this fact and led to its cancellation. For a show to survive these days it must offer something unique and be outstanding.

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