• Feast on fetuses? I think not!

    Planned Parenthood loves to abort babies and pressure people into buying birth control when they don't need it. Also their advice they give to young teens can be really bad as can be seen on online videos.

    Fortunately there are other places to turn to other than Planned Parenthood. I've heard rumors of them selling their fetuses and putting the tisue in ingredients to Pepsi and other products. Might be a bullshit thing, but then again maybe not. The owner of the business is bat-shit crazy too so that doesn't help.

    Sure they do other good things too, but the Cons outweigh the Pros so my vote is yeah. Stop funding this thing.

  • Abortion is murder.

    It was and still is a good idea to de-fund Planned Parenthood. They are responsible for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of murders through abortions and then selling the body parts of the victims. Planned Parenthood may offer other services but the severity of the crimes committed against the unborn outweigh the good they provide through women's health.

  • The government should never fund private institutions.

    There is no authorization in the U.S constitution that allows the government to transfer tax money to private institutions. Not everyone may support the institution and would be supporting it anyway, which is force. It is also against the constitution to not protect lives of the unborn, we must protect their liberties as well.

  • I know the population is increasing

    But if you dont want a kid, use a condom, or any other types of birth control that are available (often very cheaply to younger people). Also I heard they are selling aborted babies for use in other products. It may be utter nonsense but better safe than (very) sorry.

  • It Needs to be Defunded

    For this first paragraph, I'll try to ignore the fact that abortion is murder and just focus on the funding itself. First and foremost, Planned Parenthood needs no funding from the government. For a non profit, it's actually a highly profitable organization. They do not need any tax dollars.

    But that's just the funding, now let's take about abortion itself; it's killing. No matter how much you try to justify it, no matter how many times you say "It's just a bunch of cells, it's not a person", that doesn't change the fact that a baby is still a person, and killing one, by definition, is still murder.

  • It was based on a false premise.

    I am willing to believe that politicians like Carly Fiorina honestly thought (at first) that the undercover video proved Planned Parentood was selling baby parts for profit. More rational people have reviewed the "evidence" and pointed out that Planned Parenthood was just accepting reasonable compensation for the costs of handling these tissue samples properly (so they can be used instead of wasted). The honest thing for these GOP politicians to do would be to apologize for misrepresenting this as evidence of illegal activity. Do they really think God will reward them for lying to the public? I certainly will not trust anything they have to say until I hear that apology.

  • Planned Parenthood is needed

    It is not a good idea to defund planned parenthood because they provide affordable and accessible healthcare to women (and men) who would otherwise not receive it. Some Planned Parenthood clinics even charge according to income so that everyone can get the help they are seeking. Without this access, there would actually be more abortions because women would be less able to prevent pregnancies. I have personally met people with more kids than they can afford who said the reason they keep having babies is because they can't afford contraception. No affordable care means there will be more people on welfare and other forms of public assistance because we can't have a bunch of hungry and unhealthy kids in our country. Planned parenthood also provides testing and treatment for STDs and STIs which are actually more common than most people believe. Without testing, people might not know they're infected and more people will get sick because more people will be out there spreading illnesses. So at the end of the day, Planned Parenthood is a very necessary organization.

  • Why Are We Even Arguing This Anymore???

    We have CLEARED this up. Planned Parenthood was NOT selling fetal tissue - those videos were doctored by some extreme pro-lifers. I'm not going to argue and say that everyone should be pro-choice - this is a topic with lots of gray area, and could really go either way. But most of what Planned Parenthood does isn't even abortion - a vast majority is helping poor women get access to good health care and birth control, and education. The abortion part is just what gets all the attention from the media.

  • Planned Parenthood provides important options and counseling for sexually active individuals.

    Planned Parenthood helps to provide people with different forms of birth control, counseling and STD testing for individuals that have low incomes. Many individuals are sexually active but not ready to be parents, or they need to protect themselves from possible disease transmission if they do not see themselves having a lifelong commitment with their current partner. Planned Parenthood helps these people have safer sex.

  • Planned Parenthood does more than just abortions

    Planned Parenthood provides essential medical services for women, and abortions are only a part of what they do. To deny those services to women is like chopping off someone's arm because their finger might be infected. If the idea of abortion offends you, then you should lobby to change the sort of services that Planned Parenthood provides, not shut the whole thing down.

  • Not a Good Idea Defunding Planned Parenthood

    Even though anybody who needs to use Planned Parenthood when a mistake is made, it is wrongful to take the life of an innocent child. However, that being said everyone makes mistakes and it is my belief that defunding Planned Parenthood is a terrible, horrible, bad idea. Funds should stay the same until the problem is fixed.

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