Was it a good idea to spend 25 billion dollars to land men on the moon?

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  • It helped the U.S. economy by a lot.

    It was worth it to spend 25 billion dollars to land the first men on the moon. 25 billion dollars to land the first men on the moon was worth it since there were resources on the moon. One of a scientist said about the moon, “There are resources on the moon that are worth a lot of money” (Space.Com). Resources on the moon that is worth a lot of money means those resources that are needed is a little bit left on earth. If we did not land men on the moon, we would not realize those resources on the moon. Apollo 11 proved to the world America had better technology than the Soviet Union, which is why it was worth it to spend 25 billion dollars. According to a Cold War expert, “Apollo 11 happened during the space race” (Coldwar.Org) Apollo 11 was the most important mission during The Space Race because it was a mission that made America win the space race. Because Apollo 11 increased American patriotism, it was useful to land men on the moon. According to an Apollo 11 expert, “The moon landing, perhaps the greatest technological accomplishment of all human history,” (Proconservative.Org). The moon landing was the best technological accomplishment America ever had. When America proved to the world they had better technology, the people involved in The Apollo 11 mission did it for their country. Since there were resources on the moon, it proved to the world America had better technology than the Soviet Union, and it increased American patriotism, it was worth it to spend 25 billion dollars to land men on the moon.

  • Yes! It was a great investment!

    People who are against this tend to think only about the act of going to the moon and bringing back a few rocks, but we got so much more out of the program than just a bunch of rocks. The space program developed so many new technologies in order to build the spacecraft that were sent to the moon. These technologies were converted and adapted to help create many new products that enriched people's daily lives that are still in use and evolving today. Things such as heart monitors, athletic footwear, and even chlorine free pools were developed from technologies used in the Apollo program. More can be found here:
    Now, of course, many of these products could have been developed independent from the Apollo program, but the Apollo program acted as a catalyst allowing these products to be developed way before their time.
    The Apollo program also led to the development of the space shuttle which efficiently put hundreds of new satellites into orbit around Earth.
    Traveling to the moon also laid the foundation of human exploration into deep space. It's almost like Christopher Columbus's voyage to the Americas in 1492. At first, only explorers and traders followed in his path but later in the 1600's and 1700's many people came over from Europe and began to settle here permanently which led to the foundation of many new countries such as the USA and Canada. I believe the same will happen within the next few centuries, but instead of settling new continents we will settle new planets.

  • Yes, for science.

    When you look at all the ways the US has spent and wasted money over the years, supporting a futile war for example or attempting to eradicate marijuana and failing, 25 billion dollars to lift the spirits of mankind and advance science doesn't seem all that bad. 25 billion, by the way, is not that much, when you consider the scale of transactions conducted by the US on a regular basis. This year, the defense budget alone was 600 billion.

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  • What a rip off.

    We spent $25 BILLION on what? Rocks! Seriously, that is all we got back for our billions. Oh wait, WE didn't get anything. NASA has them, so WE got NOTHING. We spent Billions to get something delivered yet the delivery service keeps it? Yes, we can SEE some of rocks but to do so, we have to pay again. What a rip off.

  • We never went to the moon.

    Stanley Kubrick filmed it all in Hollywood, he carefully coded a confession into "the shining", Google it. The van Allen belt prevents anything that isn't sealed in lead or gold from going too far away from out flat world. That and, or could be, the firmament. Think of the tower of Babel

  • We shouldnt be spending while in deep deep debt.

    The economy has been going up and down but lately it has been staying low. We need to use that money to get out of debt and help our country and then worry about new inovations that "MIGHT" work. Something seriously is wrong with who decided its okay to spend that much while we are over here with rising numbers of poor and homeless while the countrys around us are falling apart. Do you really want to be in serious debt with a country facing a possible civil war or a fall in the economy? We need to seriously take car of our priorities before shit happens.

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