• WEED = Tourism = Government Rich= 4:20 BLAZE IT

    The market of weed is a vast system allowing people to chose how they have fun on their own time. Who are we to deny them the right to blaze as the please. Another point is that it would attract tourism to their area. As we have seen in Colorado, many tourist have ventured on this journey also know as "green tours". For my last point I believe pot is an extremely viable cash crop due to its ability to quickly sell and grow. This would help many farmers with the difficulty in their economy. As you may know many farmers are losing their place in the financial world and need a new subsistence (like pot) to increase their economic security.

  • It was a good thing that Uruguay legalized weed.

    It was a good thing that Uruguay legalized weed. When one country legalizes it, many countries will follow after in the following days and weeks. When some one starts a trend, other people will go with it. Weed will most likely soon be legalized across South America, and North America will not be far behind.

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