Was it a phony and reckless move for Texas and Mississippi to lift all covid restrictions?

Asked by: TheGamerDebater
  • It is absolutely ridiculous

    People blaming immigrants for issues that they have caused themselves. There is so much misinformation being spread that it is just a little bug, And it is absolutely stupid. People are also claiming that it's been long enough, But whether or not people "feel" like it's too much, It doesn't change the science that supports the issues.

  • Don't be stupid

    Okay, So they had enough? Covid doesn't have enough. If you had a full table full of your favorite foods, Would you eat them? Exactly. If you want to feel the guilt of most of your family dying then sure lift them. If businesses are so important then they will be made again.

  • No no and no

    Okay covid is a bug that kills only old people who are already seconds away from death, And yeah it sucks that grandmas and grandpas will die from it but. . . They gotta go sometime we’re not mortal. Covid 19 is just a bug like the flu and if we get it as long as we’re healthy we’ll be fine. If we keep staying in lockdowns and then constantly go with stimulus checks and bailouts we’re going to end up in a super super Great Depression that will kill way more people. People can’t take lockdowns and isolation anymore people need and want to go back to work, Especially since nobody cared about the BLM riots and the social distancing and lockdown rules being violated when they did it. Everytime they rioted apparently covid didn’t spike up so it must not be that deadly and dangerous is it? Otherwise it would have spiked up by now. But it didn’t cause it’s not so let’s just re open and go back to work. Nobody can take these stupid lockdowns anymore

  • We had enough.

    We had enough of covid restrictions. Lift the mask mandates for the better. Let the people breathe fresh air. Lift the social distancing. Let the people see others and actually hug and high five each other again. Lift the lockdowns and shutdowns so people can go back to dining and shopping like covid never existed. Plus businesses are in danger of bankruptcy because of covid. So this isn't "Neanderthal thinking" like Joe Biden.

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