Was it acceptable for the Washington Post to publish a cartoon showing Ted Cruz's daughters as monkeys?

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  • No it wasn't Acceptable.

    I am no fan of Ted Cruz and think he would make a terrible President but that is beside the point. This isn't about Ted Cruz but about good taste. No candidate's family should be under attack. The Washington Post can justify their actions all they want but to me they went too far doing this. It's not his daughters who are running for President it's Cruz himself.

  • No I disagree

    That is wrong! I am not a Ted Cruz fan, he is an idiot, but I do not believe it is right for any media outlet to make fun of any presidential candidates children. I think the kids of the candidates should be off limit to the press - in all circumstances.

  • No, It was not appropriate for Ted Cruz's daughters to be depicted as monkeys.

    No, Ted Cruz's daughters should not have been portrayed as monkeys in a Washington Post cartoon. This is hurtful and unnecessary. A candidates children should not be targets for negativity. Furthermore, his daughters are not of the appropriate age where they should be exposed to this typ-e of portrayal as it could have a greater affect on them.

  • How could anyone think that's ok?

    Ted Cruz is an idiot. Everyone knows that. But publishing something like that is just beyond human decency. Not because it was a monkey, but because the only intent was to hurt and humiliate someone. He's a public figure, but if you aren't adding anything to a discussion other than insults, you should not be in the discussion.

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