Was it Assad (yes) or the Rebels (no) who used chemical weapons on the 21st of August?

Asked by: MattyB
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  • No definete evidence that Assad did it

    There has been no proper evidence that Assad used Chemical weapons on his on people,the Israeli evidence wad badly translated.
    It defies logic that Assad would use chemical weapons on his own people he is winning the war. The rebels have been caught using chemicals before hell they have Youtube channels bragging that they did it.

  • I think it was Rebels.

    Why would some government use chemical weapons against their own people even if they are against government?There are many countries in the world which have similar situation.America is just interfering with the national situation of different countries around the world to spread their terrorism in weak pro Islamic countries and denationalizing governments.

  • Assad is not stupid and he is winning

    Despite obvious failings, and violence against his own people, I cannot see why Assad would taunt the world's strongest military into bombing his own military equipment. He saw what happened in Libya, clearly the intervention there gave momentum to the rebels, leading to Gadaffi's death. The only side which would benefit from military intervention would be the rebels. No-one knows if the rebels have chemical weapons, though it is entirely possible that they have. Putin put this question to the international community, and no trustworthy answer was given.

    Secondly, echoing another point made by Putin, why would Assad do this when he is clearly winning the war? If it was a move to shock the rebels into submission, as is the way in many conflicts, then he must've forgot about the millions of eyes focused on his country. If anyone doubts Assad is winning, then think about the backing he has - Iran, a fairly developed nation with a military presence in Syria; Russia, a major ally of Assad, providing weapons for the regime; and

    Thirdly, why in Damascus? Why would someone attack their own city, let alone the capital city, where a lot of Assad supporters live? Where perhaps all eyes were focused? If it was another stunt, orchestrated by the government to show how violent and ruthless the rebels were, in order to drum up support for the regime, then Assad was forgetting my first point.

    Lastly, if Obama gained information about the chemical attacks one year before they occurred, then why did he not present this information before the attacks? I have doubts about the truth in this intelligence, and I pose questions such as "why would the Assad regime use mobile phones to coordinate a chemical attack of this scale, when they know the US is capable of spying on their own population's mobile communications?" Nonsense.

    To summarise, either Bashir lost the part of his brain capable of logical thinking, or it was the rebels. I do not support either side - it's either human right's violators or... Human right's violators. However, until I see believable proof of either side's involvement in the chemical attack, logic overrides any kind of self-righteous, hypocritical speech a US president can give about the use of chemical weapons.

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