Was it correct for Fox News to suspend two of its contributors for using profanity?

  • Yea they do

    I have no problem with being passionate about your views, but you should back of you passion with words and logic. I hold news contributors to higher standards than i do uneducated people in internet comment sections.
    I have no problem with what their message, they should have used a little more respect towards the president of the united states of america, regardless of how they feel about him.

  • It's up to Fox

    How ever you feel personally about profanity on the News, I believe it is up to the Fox too determine what type of image they want to portray to the public. If a business feels that bad language is not the way they wish to be seen it is up to them. I do wonder if there was any type of morality or anti-profanity clause in the contributors agreements with Fox News.

  • Fox News Correct in suspensions

    Yes, Fox News was correct to suspend two of its contributors for using profanity. News professionals need to be held to a high standard. They represent the news organization as authorities on individual topics but also as leaders. Viewers need to be able to respect those who are delivering the news.

  • Yea, it's correct

    Profanity has no place to be used on the news. Fox News was correct to suspend two of its contributors for using profanity. I don't believe they should be fired or let go. People make mistakes and deserve second chances, but there is no place for profanity on the news.

  • Ralph Peters used a sexist slur, so he should have been suspended.

    Fox News has the right to suspend its contributors for profanity. Having said that, I generally think it's not a big deal. What one of the contributors said is considered a curse word, but it was not hateful and she was not insulting anyone, so I would argue that she probably shouldn't have been suspended, but again, Fox News certainly has the right to suspend her.

    Ralph Peters' comment, on the other hand, was both misogynistic and meant as an insult, so I completely agree with his suspension. There is absolutely no excuse for insults and sexism on a news channel.

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