Was it discriminatory to send Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II?

  • America was Wrong

    America was wrong to send those Japanese to those interment camps. Some people were so scarred from the experience, that they couldn't talk to their postwar children about it for years after they had them. Sometimes it took even decades to recover from those horrid places that the US made them go to.

  • Internment camps are wrong.

    Internment camps were not needed because its showing fear, and fear is something the should not have been shown during World War ll. What should have been done is the President could have made a special speech about his grief to all of the dead sailors at Pearl Harbor.Also stating how Japanese-Americans should be loyal to America.

  • It didn't have to be done.

    It really didn't have to be done because many japanese-americans were born in america and none of them had to do with the pearl harbour incident. The japanese people who bombed pearl harbour weren't japanese-americans, they weren't born in america, they were born in japan. So japanese-americans really didn't have anything to do with that so why lock them up?

  • Yes they should

    The man in the man could not do that. It would make sense. It was right and the Japanze sent Americans to concentration camps where they lost to much and they were not fed. I think it was fair but it was lucky it was not as bad as concentration cams.

  • A Huge Mistake

    I believe it was very discriminatory to send Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II. To me, this is one of the most unjust acts in American history and it shows that this country is not, nor ever has been perfect. Internment camps shouldn't exist in America, but they have in the past and they could in the future.

  • Interring Japanese Americans During World War II Was Discriminatory

    Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps during World War II because Americans were afraid that these Americans would be sympathetic to Japan's cause. What a ridiculous notion! We forgot that these people were American citizens. These people's wartime intentions were judged on the color of their skin and the shape of their eyes, which is absolutely discriminatory toward this group of innocent citizens.

  • Not all were bad

    The Japanese Americans who lived in the United States when pearl harbor happened had nothing at all to do with the attack that happened. They were truly American citizens, and the only reason that they had to go to the internment camps was their race, which makes this act discriminatory.

  • It didn't help.

    Yes, it was discriminatory to send Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II, because we were responsible for the same discrimination that we were fighting against. Of course, our discrimination did not result in death camps. There was nothing that the free Japanese Americans could have done to hurt us. Many of them, maybe most of them, supported our efforts.

  • It was wrong

    We should not have created a policy that put Japanese Americans into internment camps. There is no reason for this policy to be in place and it is dangerous to say that it was for the future. It went against their rights and took away their freedom. It was wrong.

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