Was it inappropriate for the Daily News to state 'God Isn't Fixing This' on its cover, regarding the San Bernadino shootings?

  • It was unprofessional

    The Daily News should be an independent, informed and unbiased publication. The headline, "God Isn't Fixing This" is biased and opinionated, two things a newspaper shouldn't be. This headline would be fine for the editorial section but not the cover. I get their point and the article doesn't dive into religion too much but the headline is slanted. A major publication should be more straightforward.

  • We Need More Than God

    We cannot simply sit back and pray and believe that God will fix all things. We as people have to work at making our world a better place. Sitting idle does no good. We have to get out, talk to others, educate others, help others. The only way to fix the atrocities of the world is to make an effort and do something to make a difference.

  • I suppose now is a bad time to say there is no God?

    I mean, where is God when you need him? Never shows up. He sure asks a lot from you but never helps when you need him...

    Even when you have a bunch of people praying for him at once, he still doesn't help. I wonder how all those Jews felt when God didn't show up... And what about all the other tragedies that happen. Sure does seem to be pretty busy to help common folk like us...

  • Prayer may be psychological useful but it isn't a remedy.

    The Daily News headline was in response to the GOP's offers of prayer for the victims and their families. However, the availability and accessibility of dangerous firearms in America is in part fuelled by the Republican Party who refuse to countenance comprising the 2nd Amendment as they are so heavily funded by the NRA. Offering prayer can be seen as a facile, simplistic and even disingenuous gesture by politicians when they have consistently blocked real change that could prevent these kind of events from occuring.

  • Idea of God is old

    mankind needs to evolve faster than it did in the last 2000 years. in a era of science and information,, relying on dogmas is not the best option. we need to understand that supporting possessing arms is the biggest problem in our minds right now for this problem that cannot be fixed with 17th century laws.

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