Was it intended by nature at the beginning for there to be intelligence?

  • Since God made us, Yes.

    Yes, it was intended by nature at the beginning for there to be intelligence, because God made us good. God made us in his likeness and image, and that means that we are intelligent creatures. If you believe in creation, you have to believe that we are created to be intelligent. Humans are miraculous creatures made by a loving, intelligent God.

  • It was intended by nature at the beginning for there to be intelligence.

    It was intended by nature at the beginning for there to be intelligence. We are constantly evolving and getting more intelligent as a society. Intelligence is a big part of who we are as humans and the way we choose to live our lives. Intelligence is important to society and has been around since the beginning.

  • Intelligence Part of Evolution

    Intelligent minds are part of the evolutionary cycle. The human mind is part of the natural order of things. Abstract thought and its consequences are inherent in many ape species on this planet. Humans happened to evolve better than other species did. Intelligence is in other animals such as dolphins, whales, and even some birds. Intelligence, whether intended or not, is everywhere.

  • Yes it was.

    It was intended by nature for there to be intelligence. This is because it is nature's goal for survival. Whatever the species is, whether plant or animal. The goal is survival. Without intelligence survival would be a lot more difficult. Even if that intelligence is very small, it is still there and was meant to be there.

  • There is no purpose.

    To say that this was anything but naturally random is to fool yourself into the delusion of the human "master race" as in the idea that humans are better than every other life form. In a way, I argue that we are WORSE than several other forms of life. We are currently spreading and multiplying like a disease. Did you know that before there were species that breathed in oxygen, countless lifeforms died due to the sudden rise in the then toxic gas, save the few that had luckily evolved to convert it back into co2? It's why we have so much of it today. They call it the Great Oxidation Event. Are we not doing something somewhat similar now with our involvement in Global Warming? Surely this species, our species, is not doing as nature intended. Unless, the true purpose of life as a whole it branch out and then strangle itself with said branch.

  • Nature Doesn't Have Intentions

    I do not believe that nature has intentions or plans things out, therefore I find it impossible for nature to intend to create intelligence. Nature is a force that makes no plans ahead of time. For instance, did the Colorado River intend to make the Grand Canyon? No, it just happened that way.

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