• Yes, it was irresponsible to public addresses

    Of course it was irresponsible of the newpaper to publish gun owners' addresses. Not only was it irresponsible but it was morally wrong. We all have the right to privacy in this Country, that's what we fought for thousands of years ago. On top of that, it puts the lives of people into jeopardy, for a very unnecessary reason.

  • Yes, it was irresponsible for the newspaper to publish gun owners' addresses.

    I do not think that newspapers should do something like publish addresses belonging to controversial figures like gun owners. They purposefully put the lives of such individuals in danger when doing such things. It's clear that these tactics were meant to intimidate and scare opponents of the newspaper's allies and beliefs.

  • Need to have a standard

    There needs to be some sort of journalistic standard, and journalistic integrity must ultimately be maintained in the media. A journalist is not an activist and, more importantly, freedom of the press is protected as a way of ensuring the government doesn't go along with no oversight, not so that the paper can initiate witch hunts.

  • Doxxing people is illegal and violates one's rights to privacy.

    No matter who the person is or what they do, doxxing, also known as releasing someone's personal info to the masses is not only an invasion of privacy, a right protected by the 4th amendment, it is also illegal. Even on fringe websites such as 4chan, doxxing is a ban-able offense. Doxxing of people, whether it be by the news or social media outlets is unacceptable and is punishable under the law.

  • That Was an Invasion of Privacy

    While I think firearms need to be heavily regulated and licensed, there is a such thing as going to far. People have the right to privacy, even if they own guns -- even if they own a lot of guns.They are not criminals, but once they cross the line and break the law, they are fair game.

  • Not at all

    No, it was not bad at all to point out all of the gun owners addresses. if you want to go up to these peoples houses and try to take them go ahead. there is a reason that they have them, to kill any person that tries to harm them.

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