Was it necessary to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?

  • It was very necessary

    It was necessary because the US had a duty to their citizens and they used the atomic bomb to make the people happy. They were tired of the war and did not want more US troops to be killed. Since Japan was not going to surrender unconditionally like Truman promised would have to be done, they had to drop the bomb. Without it the US would lose more troops and Japan would more than likely lose more civilians than they did with the atomic bombs.

  • Atomic bomb dropped

    We all knew it was coming. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . .. . . . ... . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • It was very necessary to drop those bombs.

    The war was in it's 6TH year! Japan had no intentions of ceasing. With the death of Roosevelt the US was in mourning and talks of the "Manhattan Project" was kept hush hush until it was launched by Truman. It was what finally ended a long and gruesome war. I believe hundreds of thousands more soldiers would have died if it weren't for the dropping of those bombs.

  • It was necessary

    I will admit that is was indeed tragic. However, it was needed because Japan would not surrender. The emperor was ready to make every single man, woman, and child in Japan pick up anything to be used as a weapon against their enemies. While it may not seem like it, the bomb actually saved millions of lives. While it was a ill choice, it ended the war.

  • Yes, after all they did to americans, chinese, malaysians, phillipians and australians who were innoccent at the time

    I would say it was necessary because 1. They violated a peace treaty and invaded asian countries. 2. Pearl harbour ( i don't need to tell you about that do i?) 3. They used mustard gas (which is banned) on the chinese and killed a few hundred thousand of them. 4. Invading the malaysians and taking all thier resources.

    5. Bombing the phillipians just because they want it for themselves. 6. Being an asshole to australians. 7. Attacking the USA army 8. Doing all this shit for no reason. So they killed ( or shall i say massacred) more than they have lost in the atomic bombs. ( although i wish the USA picked the military not the innocent civilians) Also this put an end to the horrifying war. Neither side is

  • It was extremely necessary

    1.The Americans dropped papers over the cities before they dropped the bombs telling civilians to flee
    2. By using the bombs it has scared the countries today who have even more powerful weapons from using them
    3. It was a warning to Russia and Stalin on how powerful they are as a country
    4. It ended the war earlier and saved up to a million american soldier's lives because Eisenhower predicted 500,000 - 1,000,000 casualties because of the stiff resistance at Okinawa and iwo jima

    need i say more, the bombs stopped future use of the the bombs, saving many Americans, ended the war early, and may be the reason the cold war didn't turn to WW3

  • Yes we should have

    It's not about whats right or wrong, it is war. It's about protecting the US people, not the Japanese, protect your people and defend them, not the enemies. They were our enemy and would not surrender under our circumstances so we needed to do something about it. They all literally hated us too, school girls were trained to kill American soldiers because they assumed we would invade and they would want everyone who lived in Japan to fight against us. And when we did drop this bomb we made a statement not only to Japan but the world that we are not afraid to do what we have to do to protect our homeland and defeat our enemies. War is not a pretty thing and you don't worry about other peoples feelings especially when they are the enemy, it needed to be done because we needed to end the war and save our American troops lives and give them what they deserved from Pearl Harbor.

  • They had warnings.

    It wasn't a direct warning that the US was going to bomb, but there was a statement warning telling Japan to surrender while the bomb was still being talked about. Japan didn't surrender. I'm on the edge about this topic, I think this is both a good and bad thing. I think it was a good thing because it ended the war once and for all but also it was a bad thing because it killed so many other people besides the military and people at the bases and innocent people were also injured and affected by the aftermath of it. The aftermath of it also causes more deaths down the road. I think if Truman didn't drop the bomb, things could've been worse. Japan started the war with us anyway by attacking from air on Pearl Harbor. It's a good thing we bombed when we did though because Russia was getting involved and other countries would've joined and made the war worse. Where Japan didn't get a warning about the bomb, they weren't prepared and neither were the other countries so there was a better chance of nothing happening in return and nothing did. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen, not the entire country. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit on target pretty well. Not all the Japanese were a target as well, just the military. Yeah this was bad, but it could've turned out worse if we didn't do it. This was an experiment, the bomb was never used before and it could’ve been worse too. What if Japan decided to bomb us? Or attack us somewhere sometime else? What if Russia and the other countries got involved in the war? More of our people could’ve died, and innocent people. We also did it when we did because there was a chance bad weather could also mess with war and have to delay the bombing for 6 more months and that would’ve given Japan and the other countries time for preparation or to plan more to do to us. There were polls done for the country to have their input and although this was an arguable topic, a lot of people agreed. Also nobody really had a say, they aren’t the president and even the president had to have permission from others to do the bomb and they all agreed. Truman also thought that this was the best thing to do at the time including its consequences. It’s done and over with and there haven’t been any bombings so also this was a good thing because it probably showed people how bad it really is and scared people. It’s a serious thing to talk about so whenever a country says anything about an atomic bomb every country takes better precautions so it made safety better too.

  • Dropping the bomb ended the war.

    Dropping the atomic bomb on Japan ended the war and that was absolutely a good thing. But it also did something else. It demonstrated the powers of the a-bomb and showed how dangerous it was to use which, I think, has made anyone else hesitatn to ever drop another one--a very good thing.

  • The atomic bomb was a neccessary horror.

    Japan was prepared to keep fighting, prepared to accept massive amounts of military casualties knowing that the loss of personnel among the Allies would be equal in number. The United States needed to demonstrate that we could eliminate entire cities without a single troop setting foot on the ground, making Japan's losses heavily lopsided. Those two bombs are the only things that finally brought WWII to a close.

  • I know it was war but was it also racism?

    Judging through the fact Germany was also the enemy, why didn't the U.S bomb them if they were also our enemy in WW2? This is all I have to say. Thousands of innocent Japanese people died which surely ended the war but those people who died also had family and friends. There are hundred of different ways to end the war that is better than killing thousands of innocent people. Not to be mean but the U.S used similar killing strategy that the Nazis used to kill the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

  • No it was going too far

    It was not necessary to drop the bomb on Japan and in fact it was very wrong. So many innocent people were killed with that bombing and it opened up a whole new arms race around the world. The only reason we didn't pay a greater price was because other countries were not prepared.

  • It Was Not Necassary

    First of all, the United States did not know what would happen when the bomb was dropped on humans. It was an experiment. Also, it killed over 120,000 innocent people. The United States did not target the Japanese government, they targeted the innocent people who did nothing wrong. Also, Japan was also already talking about surrendering, they were just trying to get a way to surrender without unconditional surrender. It was not necessary.

  • Wasn't Necessary, But They Saved Lives in Long Run

    Dropping the two atomic bombs in Japan in August of 1945 wasn't necessary, but it did save lives in the long run. After a long war, the rational transaction was 120,000 lives were taken to spare millions more in a drawn-out campaign on Japanese soil. Plus, looking back over the Cold War, the Soviets and Americans may have been more apt to annihilate each other in a nuclear Armageddon had the horrors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima not occurred.

  • Atomic Bombs Were Not Necessary

    No, it was not necessary for the United States to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. One might make the argument that Japan was too entrenched in the Pacific to surrender for years, but those bombs killed so many lives in one fell swoop. Such cannot be commended.

  • Too many innocents died.

    This is a very good question that is very easily debatable. Personally, I say no, American did not need to drop the atomic bomb in Japan to win the war many decades ago. Tons of innocent people were killed or extremely injured, and I don't think that was really necessary.

  • It was not needed

    The dropping of the nuclear bombs only sped up Japan's surrender by a few days. Plus it killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people who weren't involved in the war and maybe didn't even support it. Think of all of the women, children and babies that died because of this horrible event

  • Japan was already defeated.

    The U.S could have used something else to win World War 2 against Japan they were defeated and they knew they were defeated but they just wouldn't surrender.Just because they wouldn't surrender doesn't mean they weren't defeated they could've ended the war a different way, the bomb wasn't needed to end the war.

  • It was not necessary to drop the atomic bomb on japan.

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  • My reasons why the use of the bombs are not justified.

    1. Japan was already defeated. If America agreed to keep hirohito as emperor, Japan would have surrendered on May 30!

    2. Japan was more scared of Russian involvement and knew Russia would have no qualms about killing hirohito.

    3. America used the bomb to scare the Russians, who were our ally in war, but was becoming our ideological enemy, and keep them out of Japan.

    4. America used the high rate of American deaths and injuries to justify the bomb. If that is the case, why didn't America let our Russian ally into the fighting?

    5. The bombs, as terrible as they were, were not breaking news for the Japanese; their cities were being bombed everyday.

    6. The bomb was already created and tested, and this new invention had to be used on someone, and since nazi Germany was out of the war, the most logical place would have been Japan.

    7. Finally, the bombs were dropped because white Americans at the time were racists and did not look at "the yellow japs" as humans.

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