Was it racist when Karl Rove told Donna Brazile that she owed him some fried chicken?

  • Even if Karl didn't really want to be racist, every politician should have some sense of was is considered racist.

    It is important to understand just how influential Karl has been to the USA. It is also important to understand that, if one associates ones' self with African Americans, it becomes immediately apparent that such a quip would be inappropriate for such a formal setting. Thus, Karl is either callous with his words, something no politician should be, racist, or both.

  • Racism is everywhere

    Yes, this is a racist thing to say, since it is placing a label on black men saying that they like fried chicken, and this thought has been around for a long time. Racism is becoming more accepted in our world though, and also people are becoming more accepting of each other.

  • He shouldn't have said it.

    Yes, it was racist when Karl Rove told Donna Brazile that she owed him some fried chicken, because it was an inappropriate thing to have said. Rove would not have said it if Brazile had not been African American. Rove could have avoided the entire situation simply by choosing other words.

  • Rove may just like chicken.

    The assumption was that Karl Rove meant this comment to be sinister. When people do not know the entire conversation, they tend to fill in the parts or leave parts out in order for it to fit their own agenda. The comment was made in passing. Perhaps Donna had shared off-camera that she made great fried chicken. Karl would then be perfectly alright wanting to try some. Donna did not receive any backlash about the chili.

  • This depends on the conversation that was had before the statement

    No, I do not believe that Karl Rove was being acting in a racist way when he told Donna Brazile that she owed him some fried chicken. That could have been in response to lunch that they had earlier or maybe a conversation that they may have had earlier. It is so easy for someone to call a innocent comment racist, but they fail to take into account all the background of a conversation.

  • No, it was not racist when Karl Rove told Donna Brazile she owed him fried chicken.

    I read that Donna Brazile told Karl Rove he owed her some chili. His response was that she owed him some fried chicken. With all my heart I do not believe this was an intentional racist jab. I think he was just making a return comment with no malice intended. I think Americans have gotten to the point where we look for racist overtones in everything everyone says - constantly. I think the media fuels this because they like to stir things up and sensationalism is news. We need to stop this. We need to stop constantly pointing accusatory fingers at each other.

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