• People should work.

    Yes, it was really necessary to update the Child Welfare Reform Act of 1979, because the image of the welfare queen that did not do any work and made her living by having children out of wedlock, was getting a little bit old. People needed to know that they will have to work to support their children.

  • The Child Welfare Reform Act of 1979 was due an update.

    The Child Welfare Reform Act of 1979 did not cover all the issues that have come to light. As time progresses, and we become ever more scrutinizing about a policy or social problem, we must enact new procedures to prevent the newly found problems. This is perhaps the only positive explanation of bureaucracy.

  • Times have changed

    The Child Welfare Reform Act was written in 1979. Many things have changed since then, ranging from the economy to women's pay to divorce rates. The law was in need of overhaul to cope with the way America has grown. The changes might not be great ones and worthy of review, but an update was absolutely necessary.

  • Yes a lot has changed.

    Child welfare laws were over 30 years old and needed to be updated. Everything else has gone up, like the price of living and the cost of food. In addition, many children have more illnesses than they did in the 1970 era. Times change, and the programs designed to help children should be updated too.

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