Was it right for Instagram to take millions of spam followers from celebrities like Justin Bieber?

  • Yes, it is good that Instagram deleted spam followers.

    It is a great move by Instagram in deleting millions of spam followers. Spam has been destroying the internet in many ways. Using spam systems to gain followers is ignorance at its best. It was time to get rid of them, and hopefully many other social sites will do the same.

  • Necessary portrayal of reality.

    Social media platforms are not only meant to keep us in touch with those that we love but also help us know what is going on around, help firms and organisations market their ventures and also provide statistics. Followers on Instagram reflect just how much influence an individual commands or how the society views certain celebrities. Having spam followers is thus a violation of the terms and a betrayal of the functions the platform is supposed to play.

  • No, it was not right to takes those followers away from celebrities.

    Anyone who has used Instagram, or Twitter, or any other of the various social networks knows that gaining followers inevitably means that you'll pick up a certain number of spam followers. If Instagram is going to systematically purge the system of these accounts, they should do so consistently, and not just for high-profile, celebrity accounts.

  • Spam followers aren't harmful.

    The assumption that the use of spam followers is dishonest is a irrelevant one. Celebrities want to maximise their influence and the perception that one is popular is essential to establishing genuine popularity. Therefore, it is unsurprising that there are celebrities willing to pay for this service. While it is an unusual service, there are companies devoted to spam followers and this will harm their businesses.

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