• We're America. Suck it.

    It's called imperialism. Survival of the fittest is the way of life. America wouldn't be a country without English, French, Spanish, and other countries imperialism. Don't get your jimmies all rustled over the fact that we acquired the island. Hawaii is better off as part of this perfect union. You're welcome.

  • We saved their butts

    I am scared that if we had left Hawaii alone that they would have been taken over by Japan who would have treated them like crap. Not to mention WWII coming shortly after that and they would have been captured and abused if not under U.S protection. I love being the world police and helping everyone with this kind of stuff.

  • By the standards of the time, the US was justified.

    By the standards of the time, the US was justified in annexing Hawaii. Had the US left Hawaii alone, it simply would have been annexed by another power, most likely the Japanese, who were particularly brutal in their colonial practices at that time. By annexing Hawaii the US was able to secure a place in the Pacific, stop rival and more brutal powers from obtaining the territory, and ultimately greatly benefit the Hawaiian people with democracy, security, and a higher standard of living.

  • The U.S should have taken Hawaii

    Hawaii has benefited greatly from its annexation. Consider what the United States has done. They have created military facilities and brought jobs. Also, they have given the natives american citizenship. This comes with all the benefits of being a full American citizen, which is widely considered the most wealth country in the world.

  • Hawaii is stuck now

    Hawaii is stuck as part of the Us anyways, as it would be a mistake for it to try and leave, If it left, their main economy would plummet. That being, military and tourism. Many people would leave the tiny country and America would lose another state. Nothing really positive would come about leaving, besides maybe a native boost in morale. The US has an army base there any way as mainland defense so...? It may have been a morally wrong decision in the past, the it was made, and now Hawaii is stuck here.

  • Hawaii didn't fight back

    It was right because hawaii showed no imanente threat and was very easy to take over considering they didn't fight back when the foreigners, or "Haole" as the hawaiians called them. The hawaiians embraced the haole with open arms and didn't see the foreigners as a threat, just as the foreigners didn't see the hawaiians as a threat.

  • Without the US Hawaii wouldn´t be the same

    When the Unites States took over Hawaii, Hawaii got many new upgrades. Like now having a military base, shipment that helps us live, that gives us food, clothing, technology. If we weren't in apart of the US many of these things would be gone. Our military base, Pearl Harbor, would be lost because it belongs to the US. If Japan or China tried to bomb us again we would know when there were coming or how to protect our self. In addition to this, since Native Hawaiians are a endangered species, there aren´t many of Hawaiian left living on this island and there are many other people with different nationalities. If Hawaii wasn't apart of the US then many of the non-Hawaiians would might have to leave .

  • It's them or us

    2 types of people the strong and the weak which one would you rather be. If we didn't take Hawaii World War 2 would screw over the world due for us not helping and joining the Europe. The U.S. is dominant country. We helped their monarchy, by supplying them with advanced weaponry.

  • It's them or us

    2 types of people the strong and the weak which one would you rather be. If we didn't take Hawaii World War 2 would screw over the world due for us not helping and joining the Europe. The U.S. is dominant country. We helped their monarchy, by supplying them with advanced weaponry.

  • It's them or us

    2 types of people the strong and the weak which one would you rather be. If we didn't take Hawaii World War 2 would screw over the world due for us not helping and joining the Europe. The U.S. is dominant country. We helped their monarchy, by supplying them with advanced weaponry.

  • It was illegal, and immoral

    The United States at that time took Hawaii by force. They took our king and put him at gunpoint, forced him to sign a declaration that took away his power and that of the Hawaiians. They took our queen and locked her in her room for months until she finally gave in. They took the Hawaiians, my people, our people and treated them as slaves. Native Hawaiians died of by the thousands, due to disease and poor living conditions. Now there are less than 5,000, 100% native Hawaiians left on these islands. We were a once proud people, but that was taken away from us the day the Bayonet Constitution was signed.

  • Hawaiians are the best

    Back then hasty decisions were made, not only by the U.S. but by our Hawaiian leaders as well.. So you Hawaiians out there who still dwell on bringing back the hawaiian monarchy is a joke. Why? Cause they'll be too many wanna be Chiefs and not enough Indians (no pun intended).. Everyone wants to have a say in what they think shouldve or would've or supposed to be. If not the U.S. Then who? Germany? Japan? Hawaii needs to move forward and enough with the who took this and, or that. Has anyone made mistakes in the past. Educate yourselves, learn how to speak the right way , and not like (da kine dis wateva dat,, and move on. Dont look back or all you Hawaiians who dwell will stay in that Hole that youve been in for years.

  • They Shouldn't Have

    The United States always doing some and i swear we don't know how to mind our business..They should have left them Hawaiians alone! They didn't do nothing to us. I believe that if they wanted to remain a monarchy we should have let them. Point Blank Period! ! ! !

  • We took away a nation's independence and culture.

    I think that it was wrong for the U.S. to take Hawaii because Hawaii was already a literate country with a developed government that was functioning well. The Hawaiian people did not need the United States to come into their nation and "educate" them or help them in any way. They were literate, had their own language, had their own government, had their own culture. America took over the Hawaiian Kingdom for its strategic military opportunities and for economic prosperity. The U.S. Came to Hawaii and wiped out their culture, spread diseases that the natives had no immunity to, and took their independence away from them. Once Hawaii was annexed to the U.S., their culture was crushed. Hula dancing (a way of honoring their chiefs, gods, and land) was outlawed, books in the Hawaiian language were burned, and the unique flora and fauna was destroyed to build hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that worked to increase tourism. The view on Hawaiian culture was also changed because of the annexation. Most people today see it as an island paradise filled with exotic sights and entertainment, looking past the rich history and real native culture. I think that we should have let Hawaii stay governed by the monarchy and let them be independent. It was not our place to take over and it was unfair that we did. We almost eliminated their culture and their people.

  • We took a highly functioning Island nation without approval from our President.

    Stanford Dole and the American sugar planters in Hawaii were being undersold in the American sugar market because of the McKinley Tariff. These planters staged a coup and brought in American Marines without presidential approval. Grover Cleveland was ashamed and ordered an investigation of potential wrongdoings. We shamed these people, and there have been no acts to make amends. If you truly think that Hawaiians are happy or satisfied with their history, then you have never talked to a native Hawaiian.

  • Might Doesn't Make Right

    The United States was mistaken in its colonial ways to take Hawaii for its own. Yes, there is a buffer in the Pacific against invasion. However, that doesn't make the United States right when the government annexed the island chain. A mightier force doesn't make it right for the U.S. to influence other countries. Just look at the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in modern times to show that Americans haven't learned anything in 100 years.

  • not our place

    It isn't ight for any group of people to simply move in and conquer and absorb another people. The US should have left their sovereinty alone and been respectful of there independence. Yes, many of the native people have prospered under American government, who is to say they would not have on their own? The US shoudl not act in an empirical, conquering way.

  • The only major supporting point I see for pro-annexationists is "if we didn't do it someone else would've"

    That logic is flawed. Japan was not interested in Hawaii at the time at all. King Kalakaua had toured the globe and met specifically with powerful and influential leaders and rulers of each country he encountered. Japan had a mutual and generally cordial response to welcome Kalakaua, they had a welcoming ceremony waiting for him when he docked and Kalakaua exchanged pleasantries with their emperor. This is stated in the Blount report, which is the report of the investigation on the overthrow by an American. He even stated in his call-to-action that the Queen Lili'uokalani be reinstated immediately. America had no need for Hawai'i much at all, it was the power and greed of the separate parties residing there at the time which represented America without proper government authority and then represented themselves as Hawaiians in front of the American government to support annexation. This was a two-faced assault on Hawai'i by power hungry Haoles as the missionary party, provisional government, ect.

  • Hewa! Very Wrong

    Theft of a Nation is Criminal. The U.S took away our language to denationalize us. The history taught in school were lies. Having the military bases here doesn't makes us any safer! We are prime targets now. The wrong doings were wrong... Make it right and give it back, The Kingdom of Hawaii Still Exist.

  • Heck yes we should of

    In my opinion, I think that the U.S. should keep Hawaii because if we got rid of Hawaii, Japan would come over and take it and then blow us all to smithereens like we did in World War 2. The U.S. should not just simply give back the Native Hawaiians their territory back because if they did we would have to get pineapple from another country or territory like the Philippines and that would be like us asking to adopt the Philippines. They should keep the territory and pay back the natives by leaving all of the army in the rest of the country but still keep command over them. They should give them back their freedom of using the Hawaiian language, and we should move Pearl Harbors Military to California or some other state. I think that the native Hawaiians should live in peace but still under command of the U.S.A. because of world domination reasons.

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