• Harry Persaud should be put in jail for taking patient's life at risk by performing unnecessary medical procedures

    Harry Persaud as a doctor should possess a professional attitude to help his patients to have proper and necessary treatment so as to cure their illness or sickness. The general public has trust and expectation on doctor's professionalism. If a doctor does perform unnecessary procedures during an operation, that is totally unprofessional and more seriously putting a patient's life at risk. Besides, if we don't severely punish the doctor, the general public will worry that certain similar practitioners will do similar unnecessary procedures so as to earn extra money on doing the operation and we will worry that our lives would be at risk. Thus, this doctor should be put in jail.

  • Dr. Persaud took chances and forgetting his Hypocratic oath

    Doctors have a code to abide by since the days of the Greeks. They should do no harm to the patient. Sometimes patients ask for innovative and experimental treatments but it has to be their choices. Insurance cannot catch every Doctor who takes matters into their own hands. Doctors should be hailed as much as bankers when they fail to follow ehtical standards.

  • Yes, Dr. Persaud deserves jail time for lieing to people about their health

    Dr. Persaud performed unnecessary heart surgery on dozens of patients and lied to them about the reasons behind the surgeries. For that alone, Persaud deserves jail time and for his medical license to be stripped. Persaud did these surgeries so that he could get insurance payouts from the patients insurance. If Persaud had been trying new techniques and had been honest with his patients, then the outcome of his trial might have been different. Instead, he was only after money and did not put his patients first, as a doctor should.

  • Dr. Harry Persaud deserved to be incarcerated

    Dr. Harry Persaud is a doctor who practiced in Westlake, Ohio. He has been jailed for ordering unnecessary tests, risky procedures, including heart surgery, and over-billing patients over $7 billion. This was a case of fraud in it's most simple form. When you are visiting a doctor, you are trusting that he or she has your best interest in mind and that he or she is honest, professional, knowledgable, and able to treat you as best as they can.

  • Dr try his best

    Do not need jail time all about law and racial in this country dr need to be free from jail do not deserve that please let him out so he can be free and practice again every one need second chances no-one is perfect Jesus will shim the way to get out

  • No, absolutely, no

    This was a grave injustice and unfair trial for Dr. Persaud. His lawyer was incompetent and was negligent of his duty in representing his client. Dr. Persaud medical background is impeccable; his work ethics above standard and his goal is to improve someone's health and save his, her life. He should be out in the world continuing to help people. Taking precaution, inserting necessary stents, prolonging life, how it is this criminal?

  • Where is justice

    Dr Persaud perform preventive care,heart disease nu.1 killer in U.S.
    I think,Dr Persaud should be commended than ostracized for his thoughtful actions.Dr Persaud had an unfair representation of the jury pick,and a total incompetent trial lawyer Hilow,I think.Similar case in Kentucky Dr Paulice (cardiologist)charged with 105 million in Medicare fraud ,freed on appeal.Not 1 day in jail.

  • Wrongful conviction by Feds

    Dr Persaud worked for 3 different hospitals did the exact same procedures at all 3,why St. John’s university called the Fed because they were bleeding and needed to take all of Dr Persaud’s patients by bullying him.The truth will be heard by Attorney Gloria Allred for St. John’s negligence.Free Dr Persaud

  • Stood up for his patients what the govt neglected to do

    Dr. Persaud did what was right for his patients,a blockage of the arteries doesn’t disappear if you have symptoms and some blockage the right thing what Dr P did was to insert stent to alleviate symptoms
    Or a heart attack.If he took a different approach he would have been sued.Free Dr. Persaud now

  • Unfair to Dr. Persaud

    Dr Persaud had no reason to be investigated,him and wife worked 50 years to accumulate wealth.Dr Persaud had an impeccable record as a
    Physician,perform procedure that he felt was necessary for his patients,where was the govt,or the Debrovich,who eventually got fired
    From hosp.At time of patient doctor consultation.Must free dr.P

  • Investigate hospital first

    Dr Debrovich at hosp made biggest mistake to notify federal government.Dr Harry Persaud was impeccable and saving lives.
    Dr Colletta theacting cardiologist had only 3 years experience couldn’t
    Read IVUS results which is the percentage of blockage in arteries.
    Hosp is negligent only now people are catching on.Free Dr Persaud

  • No way never

    Dr. Persaud has been practicing cardiology for over 20
    Years with a spotless record. Never a malpractice suit filed against him. He his accused of putting in stents that were not needed. He is the doctor and HE. Made the decision that it was needed for the patients benefit. If it were up to the insurance companies they would never determine one needed stents because there only concern is cost.
    I believe the doctor acted in the best interest of his patients.

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