Was it Scotland (yes) or England (no) that created America?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • King James I founded America

    America is definitely more similar to the south of Scotland than the south of England. Even our English is more Nordic, Scots-sounding. Our English descends from those folks who came here from northern England/southern Scotland. Our English has nothing in common with the southern English variant of the language. Their English sounds more French. And I know the French language. English from Manchester, Kent, Essex sounds more like French. The closest thing to England you'll find in the USA is in the Northeastern USA. But that's mostly Canada. The Scottish were the ones who colonized North America, under King James the First, along with northern English settlers.
    We have a tradition of strict Protestantism, in comparison to the more Catholic-like Anglicanism of England. You'll find this mostly in the Northeast and in Canada.

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