Was it unjustified for China and Russia to veto the UN resolution regarding Syria?

  • Yes, but big surprise

    Syria doesn't have many backers but those that it has are kind of in too deep at this point to succumb to common sense. Everybody saw this coming when it happened, it doesn't make it less frustrating but they've painted themselves into a corner where "I'm right because I'm right" is the only retort that's going to come out of them.

  • Syria needs UN intervention

    China and Russia are the only few of Syria's allies and it is understandable why they did veto the UN resolution regarding Syria. However, due to the vast amount of evidence of war crimes, the use of chemical weapons on their own citizens, and other crimes, Russia and China should not have vetoed the resolution.

  • The Russians and Chinese are Serious about Syria

    The Russians and Chinese will often be scrutinized as opponents of US foreign policy in the matter of the Syrian civil war. However, it can be speculated that their opposition was exactly what Obama counted on. With Iraq just ending, Afghanistan winding down, and a teetering economy back home, Americans are tired of fighting. The Syrian rebels have a just cause, and that is great for them. However, the US should not be involved. With the Chinese and the Russian veto, Americans get to look like the tough guys, but still are not required to act. That reason is great enough to validate their veto. They may have had others.

  • No, resolutions are not binding.

    No, it was not unjustified for China and Russia to veto the UN resolution regarding Syria, because resolutions from the United Nations are not binding on member nations. It is important that all nations work together in the United Nations, and no nation should feel like they have to give up their autonomy in order to be a part of the UN.

  • Their Decision Was Important

    I do not believe it was unjustified for China and Russia to veto the UN resolution regarding Syria. There is no, 100% correct answer for Syria. Different governing bodies across the world had varying ideas and it was important for these governments to speak their minds, regarding any possible actions the UN may take as a cohesive unit.

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