• Bruce shares his daughter's clothing interest a little too seriously.

    The very essence of Bruce being what he is, is completely wrong in the eyes of society and nature. So with that in mind, the mental illness that conflicts with his confused gender's mind, is an outward cry to satisfy his misguided need to live out his perversion to the fullest extent. It borders upon complete dishonesty and invasion of one's personal belongings when this level of deceit is obtained.

  • Bruce Jenner and Kim K Dress a Like

    Bruce Jenner should be able to wear any outfit he wants. Thousands of girls and women steal the Kardashian's outfit ideas every day, why shouldn't Bruce too? While the Kardashian's style is not mine there are many people who strive to be just lilke them. Bruce should be able to dress the way he wants.

  • No, Bruce Jenner did not commit a crime by "stealing" his daughter's outfit.

    I believe the Kardashian/Jenner's to be a very close-knit family underneath all the hype. In my opinion, each and every one of Bruce's daughters (both biological and non-biological) just want happiness for him. I think any one of them would gladly give up any piece of her wardrobe their father wanted. I do not think any one of them would consider his taking a piece unannounced as theft.

  • He should stick to his own closet

    Bruce should keep his hands in his own closet and drawers for his clothes. I think he personally should still be wearing pants and suits. This will also help him not be wasteful. He will probably end up donating lots of his old stuff to the Salvation Army. I am sure he will still be checking out his daughter's clothing for ideas, though.

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