Was it wrong for Charlie Hebdo to put Mohammed on the cover of their latest issue?

  • The people who did that are idiots.

    After what happened why? Seriously! Your gonna piss off more extremists and they're going to attack you again! Is it worth it? Are your lives worth some stupid offensive cartoon? When a nother extremist comes and shoots you don't be surprised and beg for our sympathy because your bringing this on your self. I'm not saying it's their fault but they could have prevented this tragedy by not making stupid offensive cartoons and they could prevent nother tragedy by not making this cartoon. Also it is offensive to the 1.5 billion Muslims like me who don't like isis, don't like what happened last week and don't want innocence to be killed. If more extremists come because of this new cartoon I won't be surprised. They're inviting trouble. They're being idiots.

  • It was wrong to put Mohammed on the cover of latest issue

    I believe in freedom of speech and expression but I don't think Charlie Hebdo should have put Mohammed on the cover of their latest issues. Today people too easily make fun of important things like religion and politics and for some those are so important. I think it is terrible that all these people died but I must wonder would it happened if there was no cover.

  • Yes, it was wrong for Charlie Hebdo to feature Mohammed on the cover of their newest issue.

    From the actions of Charlie Hebdo, the magazine has clearly not learned its lesson. Who would continue to provoke an explicitly violent and dangerous group right after they launched a deadly attack? I'm all for freedom of speech, but I honestly cannot feel bad for these people who know that Islamic extremists are violent.

  • It is not wrong but it has consequences.

    Anyone is capable of thinking and writing whatever they please. But they should understand the outcome of these.

    A simple example, you want your child to appreciate a fine pure fruit. It throws up time after time; but you keep doing making the child try it.

    It does not solve the problem nor recognise it, but you may keep going as you wish.

  • No it was not wrong for Charlie Hebdo to put a cartoon Mohammed on their latest cover.

    Charlie Hebdo suffered terrible and tragic losses at the hands of murderous terrorists seeking to silence the magazine through violence and fear. Their actions had the reverse effect, as Charlie Hebdo published their most recent magazine with a cartoon of Mohammed on the cover in a show as strength against terror. To not have done this would be to succumb to the fear the terrorists wish to use against freedom of the press. Charlie Hebdo did the right thing.

  • Definitely yes it was

    It was disrespectful. Controversy happens in every country, some people take it a little more personal than others. Here you have the story of a comic that was used to entertain it's readers. But not all of it's readers were entertained. Some were offended. Which therefore goes to show the pen is mightier than the sword, because of those words people were murdered.

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