• Similarly it was wrong to pull Flappy bird

    Just because Amazon had their own app store embedded in it, does not mean Google should pull their app. It's fair competition. Yes, Google never links to the Play store in their iOS apps, but most people won't even notice the hidden store feature. They really need to stop pulling entire apps just for one little thing. Just complain to the developer and/or strike it --temporarily-- while they persuade them to remove their store from the app.

  • Childish companies reign again!

    Google took a front row seat in the very wrong column on this one. Pulling Amazons app from its Play Store was a childish move. Many consumers utilize all facets of apps on all different sites. All this will inevitably do it anger consumers in the end. It's time for these big boys to grow up!

  • No, it was perfectly understandable why Google pulled the app

    In September, Amazon quietly added a significant new feature hidden inside of its primary Android App. It amounted to another app store hidden within the app itself. There is a reason that Amazon did not make a big pronouncement: because they knew that Google would object strongly, and with good reason. The app store directly competes with Google Play, and so of course Google could not abide that situation and pulled the app.

  • Google has the right to do what it wants

    Google is a business entity that has to make decisions that support the goal of making a profit. As such, the company has the right to decide what apps to sell in Google Play. Since Google has a shopping service and a comparison tool, it is easy to see why the company wouldn't want a competitor's app in the store.

  • Google and Amazon compete so pulling app was a smart move

    Google and Amazon are looking to make money and even though the two companies might look like they are working together, they are not. That is why Google's decision to pull Amazon's app from the Play Store is a wise move. It limits Amazon's take on the market and forces people to consider other options. This move is a brilliant business decision that will make Google more money.

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