Was it wrong for Michelle Obama to present at the Oscars?

  • I think she should not have presented Argo.

    Argo is a marvelous movie,and Mrs. Obama is a wonderful parson, but it was wrong that president's wife with CIA members presented the movie which is a story of a CIA achievement written by CIA operative because that could give negative impression that it was pro-American propaganda, anti-Iran or American worship. Argo is based on the Iran hostage crisis, and CIA members who were in this incident are hero, but it is not good that political matter is brought into entertainment. I think it was wrong president's wife presented Argo. If she presented costume design, music or something like that, it may be no problem.

  • Yes, Because It Gave The Impression That The Oscars Are Rigged.

    Contending for the best picture was the movie Lincoln. Having the First Lady present this award gave the impression that Lincoln was going to win because, obviously, her husband was the inspiration for the movie. It could have been interpreted that the outcome of the award was known since a presidential associate IN THE WHITE HOUSE announced the winner. It doesn't matter that Lincoln lost to Argo. Separation between Hollywood and State should be enforced.

  • Presenting Oscars is beneath the First Lady's dignity.

    What's next, appearing on Wheel of Fortune? Like the POTUS, the First Lady is an important ceremonial position. There are things that are "not done," as the British would put it. I have a lot of respect for Mrs. Obama, and I am sorry to see her do this. That said, it is only a venial sin.

  • It Was Not Wrong

    I have no problem with Michelle Obama presenting at the Oscars and neither should anyone else. There is no reason why she shouldn't be able to present. People that didn't like it are hating. People that are not part of the film industry and are just big movie fans should be allowed to present.

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